Can you guys give me some ideas to bet besides money and beer? We went on a date last night and talked and laughed nonstop.. We also haven't stopped texting today.

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If you think you're on that kissing vibe, totally bet that loser has to kiss the other first. I'd say try and have a good read on the situation and her comfort level if you're thinking of anything overtly physical like a kiss. She might like you and be down to kiss you, but maybe not in the middle of a crowded pool hall. I liked someone else's suggestion of "winner picks the next date" because it's flirty and cute and also conveys you want to see her again. You could ramp up the "flirty bets" to a final "winner gives a kiss goodnight" so it doesn't put her on the spot if she's uncomfortable with PDA, and gives her the option to "seal the deal" in a setting she's most comfortable with.

First of all, this is super cute and I'm happy for you OP! I don't have any real ideas, but I wouldn't do any betting with money at all.

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Buying a beer, definitely and maybe "winner picks the next date"? That way you already set up that you want to hang out again. I'd also avoid doing anything sexual since you haven't kissed yet. Maybe save that for a while down the road.

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    Fun dating bets

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    Couples Wager Ideas

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