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In Kalm, after the flashback, tell Barret to "Wait a sec", then "Is that all? Make a party immediately afterwards with Cloud, Aeris and Tifa.

How to date Barret EASY // Final fantasy 7 Best Bromance trophy guide

In a house in Kalm, there's a woman who asks you about whether Mako energy is convenient. Tell her "Yeah, maybe". Talk to the girl upstairs, and when she asks you if the old life is better, say "No way". In Fort Condor, disagree twice to the old guy about his plight. After that, you can go into Fort Condor and agree then, but that's up to you.

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Find Yuffie in Junon Forest. Get her into your party. Take as long as you like, but this guide will assume you got her first time, and she didn't run away On the Cargo Ship, give Yuffie a tranquilizer. Make sure you bought one in Junon Town. On the Cargo Ship, tell Aeris "I dunno On the Cargo Ship, when Tifa asks you about war, say "I don't know".

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At the Gold Saucer, when you split up, talk to Yuffie first, and take her with you do not choose Aeris or Tifa. When you see Barret again in the Corel Prison, and you're about to go after Dyne, you will be prompted to make a party. Choose Cloud, Barret, and Yuffie. Complete the Wutai subquest, and let Yuffie steal your Materia. After you get the Materia back, continue on with the story. You should end up with Yuffie during the date sequence later.

Ending Affection Scores Yuffie: Buy a flower from Aeris when you see her in Sector 8. Give the flower to Marlene when you get the option. Say "Barret's snoring kept me up Don't get caught by the Security Lockdown; get to the end of the train. Tell the Don that there's someone else, and when he asks who, tell him "Yes, his name's Barret In Kalm, after the flashback, tell Barret to "Wait a sec", then "Beautiful, just beautiful!

Tell her "You're full of it". Talk to the girl upstairs, and when she asks you if the old life is better, say "Yeah, maybe". In Fort Condor, agree twice to the old guy about his plight. You don't have to meet Yuffie; in fact, it's probably better if you don't. But you can if you want to.

Just make sure you get her the first time, and don't make her run away. On the Cargo Ship, don't give Yuffie a tranquilizer. At the Gold Saucer, when you split up, talk to Aeris first, then decide you won't go with her. After that, choose to take whoever you want even Aeris. She gets a heck of a boost if she gets chosen, and will mess up almost everything you've worked for.

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Before entering Cosmo Canyon, add Barret to your party. When the party splits up inside Cosmo Canyon, enter the room behind Tiger Lily's Weapon Shop, and encourage Barret to continue talking until he no longer has anything new to say. Alternatively, it's possible to max out your points here if you pick the first and then second option, leave the room, and then return to talk to Barret again: The scores below will assume you do not abuse this bug though. Do not go anywhere near Wutai if you have Yuffie.

Instead, continue through the game normally. When you finally get to the date sequence, you should find Barret wanting to talk to you. Ending Affection Scores Barret: I would like to thank the makers of GameHack, without which, I would never have been able to accomplish this task all those years ago.

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Also, heartfelt thanks to those at alt. Most have moved on, of course, but I remember it as a fun community while I was there. A bad glitch can occur if you over-do this glitch. I did this glitch about times while doing these actions and I had no issue. When you enter the shop on the left, there is a room right above it.

If you answer with the glitch answer, the conversation will end. If you leave the room and come back in, he will start the conversation over again. By doing this you can continue to get the 1st question correct as many time as you want. I did this about 15 times to be on the safe side.

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If you did not follow the guide, you might want to do it times. Posted 09 December - Posted 12 December - I have tried doing the glitch 50 times and managed to date Barret, but the trophy did not unlock. Step by peter barrett and kelly pretend to figuring out.

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