1. What motivated you to come to this event?

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  • 2. What do you do, and how can I help?.

Interview Icebreaker Questions Interview icebreakers serve a dual purpose. Did you find your way here okay? A job candidate who squanders valuable interview time complaining about the subway system or admits that they have a poor sense of direction is already off to a bad start. Tell me about yourself.

Speed Interview and Networking at ICT's 2016 P&C Symposium

Will the candidate reveal personal details that are more applicable to speed dating than a job interview? Or will they respond by giving the hiring committee important information about their on-the-job experience that is not mentioned in their resume? Where are you from originally?

The Ultimate List of Business Icebreaker Questions

This question is an easy one for candidates or at least it should be! It can also encourage getting to know each other on a deeper level, especially if you find that you are from the same, or nearby, place.

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  8. Choosing to lead with a question about a current event, as long as it is not too controversial, is a good way to put candidates at ease. You can also tailor this sort of icebreaker question to breaking industry news in order to see how conversant the interviewee is. I just finished [a book].

    Speed Networking – “Speed Dating” for Business?

    Have you read any business books recently that would you recommend? What inspired you to come to [this conference or event]? But even for skilled connectors, networking can also be a drag or downright intimidating.

    And no one will remember a dull conversation that sounds like 10 other conversations they had that same evening. Eight entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council YEC offer advice on how to approach total strangers--and actually spark a conversation worth having. Try these questions as icebreakers: Breaking the ice isn't about going too deep too quickly. Rather than asking "What's your name?

    The Ultimate List of Business Icebreaker Questions – Hiveage

    Quite frankly, in a room full of people, it's easy to feel a bit lost in the crowd. I always ask people what they do and then lead my questions from there, including, "Who are you here to meet? Do you have examples of really good or really bad cold outreach you've received for informational interviews? Do you have any tips for recent grads just starting out?


    What do you want to do next? Do you have a side hustle? Is there anyone else in your network you think I should speak with. You won't have time to ask all of these questions, so pick the ones that are most relevant to you and what you are interested in learning about the other person. Don't forget to thank each and every participant for their time when you are done!

    What are your favorite questions to ask at Speed Networking events? Let us know in the comments! Hustle Summit Employer Perks.