I actually stumbled across the new dating show, Excused , while watching The Soup and I knew I had to give the show a shot. Four come in, two are then excused after checking out their video profiles, then the couples go on dates, swap partners, and then a decision is made to excuse on more person.

There’s only one excuse to watch Excused

That person then gets another one-on-one date and then they have the power to excuse on of the two who selected them in the first place, and then that person is either waiting outside or has, in fact, excused the person who ultimately chose them. The show is actually so compact, that it seems like the couples only hang out for a couple of minutes before switching and they only go to local bars, restaurants or spas.

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Iliza Shlesinger , the host and the season five winner of Last Comic Standing. Iliza is sharp as a tack and almost always has some kind of snappy send-off for those who are excused.

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And as a bonus, we get to see a lot of the unused send-offs during the end credits. The show is playing in a lot of markets now in the 10 PM — Midnight timeslot, so if you want a few good laughs before bed, check your local listings for Excused, forget about the dates and just tune in for Iliza. Clacked by Chuck Duncan on Dec 04, I have to agree with you. The suitor will go to the courtyard and wait for his or her prospective partner to join him or her.

Joining the other outside signifies that the contestants both want to pursue a relationship; contestants who choose they do not want to pursue a relationship with the remaining suitor either due to the lack of a romantic connection or simply because the contestant sought to be the one chosen and had no actual intention of pursuing a relationship with the suitor , will not appear in the courtyard.

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Excused Rules Montage

This page was last edited on 23 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Encino, California taping location. One person is taken to a set that is made to look like a cheap Internet gameshow. Blind Date came up with so many random people, it was actually quite hilarious and amazing to watch the horrible characters of people emerge, especially as they got drunk, but maybe that caused lawsuits.

Full Cast & Crew

I wont even compare it to Cheaters, which is truly engaging, but also setup. This one is real low budget, and seems to be transparently set up, in that there is very little attempt to create the impression of a reality show. The two choosers are generally average to poor representatives of their own gender, and they choose only the hottest of the contestants trying to get to them, so it panders in that sense. In the case of men choosing women, the women across the board are aspiring LA actresses, or more likely, strippers, who put on the dumbest of acts.

It seems like everyone is chosen to be dumber than the host, who is attractive, sharp, and charming, and also fairly cruel and clinical.

If you hate dating shows, I've got a new one for you. Forget the dating, just tune in for the host.

Her role is to play superior to it all, which can't help the fact that she's knee deep in the sleaze-fest. You can't help thinking she should get a better gig most of the time she's on. Her relentless insults don't bug me, but they could bug plenty of viewers. The production is really meager. The only graphics are a weak 3D title opener, the sets are reminiscent of porn, so you won't see any changing scenery, or random spectators getting involved, like you did on Blind Date.

Excused - Wikipedia

There's no upbeat theme song. The contestants come to the house, basically to be abused for who knows what pittance of a paycheck. It's actually similar to the show where the finalist gets to select which one of the choosers, and then that person can bail as well for more money I assume, although I think the entire thing is scripted.