Being available can mean being there to listen, without judgment, and to check-in continually to say something as simple as, "'Hi, how are you doing? I'm available and around,'" explained Reidenberg. Keeping a schedule of eating three times a day and waking and sleeping at the same time each day for structure can be important for people with depression, according to Reidenberg.

Finally, be willing to move past the stigma of speaking about depression and ask the person direct questions.

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Are you talking to someone? Have you tried medication? Don't rush in and try to offer advice and a fast solution to someone with depression, advises Rottenberg. They offer advice or say the person has a great life and shouldn't feel sad," he explained.

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H e ends his intro saying: H is video includes a number of close-up shots of the man, whose face has been blurred out, and footage of the group standing next to him.

South Korean dating show Jjak scrapped after contestant takes her own life

Hopefully this latest video woke them up. You are pure trash. Suicide is not a joke.

  • Contestant on S.Korea dating show commits suicide; felt producers would show her as ‘tragic girl’.
  • Teenagers are committing suicide in a 'social media GAME'.
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