Guild 1978 D35NT? or Guild D4 HR NT?

It's since gotten warm, and the heat is revealing a couple spots where the finish isn't great.

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I originally figured this was left over wax, but I've cleaned it with Naptha a few times with no success. Anyone have some ideas about what this is, and what I have to do to fix it properly?

There are a couple other issues, namely some cracks in the top and finish from the pickguard shrinking, but I'm going to let a professional deal with that. Here's the really bad spot: This is on the same spot: And here's the glamour shot: If you are taking it in anyway for other items, get this attended to then.

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The tech will have the tools and spray equipment to do it correctly. Since its a model, just leave it like it is.

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Older guitars should have a little bit of character. If you do anything to the finish, a blacklight will show it and the finish repair will become obvious and will effect the value. Those old large body Guilds sounded great and that is where the value is anyway.

Guild d35 dating

Originally Posted by PKVeazey. There is a forum for Guilds: I joined a few years back when my Guild needed some work.

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They can recommend a luthier and also have a wealth of knowledge to share. The luthier I took her too told me I should not refinish it in any way. Still plays and sounds great! I wasn't aware of it but according to what I've read while lurking, apparently Guild went through the same as the rest of them in the 70s, where they were built light and nice in the early part of the decade and then got more heavily braced as the decade went on. I haven't looked into it enough to know particulars. I'm probably just smitten by the cherry red on the old D25s.

It was the rare piece that sounded as good as it looked, very nicely appointed.

GUILD D acoustic guitars

Every once in a while an old timer made in New Jersey crops up and they remind of a good old Gibson, very rich. Guilds are underappreciated I think, and maybe the need for resets is evidence of a lightly braced top. This guitar romanced many a young gal, and witnessed the death of some brain cells, alas. You are right to be wary of the neck issues. With a shaved bridge and a non-existent saddle I chose the uneconomic path to restore it, for the memories.

The third, a fine builder and authorized Martin repair man said yes, and probably won't ever do another. The heel and part of dovetail, I think, came apart and had to be painstakingly pieced together. It plays and sounds great, but I'll never get my money out of it. I had a neck reset before I got it, also a bad fret job. It was beat, with cracks and lots of wear and tear, but it sounded wonderful. It was heavy and sounded a bit like it was that way, but it was quite loud so however thick they made things didn't really bother it much.

Bill Whitsett did a fine fret job on it using Martin wire of various tang thicknesses to bring the neck into just right relief. The truss rod had plenty of adjustment either way and the bridge and saddle were tall. Over all it was a wonderful old warhorse but I just decided I am not keeping narrow neck instruments around so I sold it. I kinda miss it.

Guild 1978 D35NT? or Guild D4 HR NT?

It is my understanding that the only years Guilds were not considered up to par was in the mids when a certain very well known vintage dealer got involved with the design. I loved getting that list. They also had mini-reviews on new instruments or closeouts on new instruments. I remember them selling new Gibson Corvuses Corvi? When the aforementioned Nashville dealer Guilds came out, they kinda slammed them. A few phone calls must have been made because in the next issue the sort of apologized and said they may have judged them too quickly.

It is a beautiful guitar and to me at least sounds as good as a D18 or J To be fair though it is not uncommon for a 40 year old Martin or Gibson to have a shallow neck angle and need a reset. I paid less than half the cost of a comparable Martin or Gibson for it and feel the old Guild's are a great value. I'm not impressed by the Guilds made at other locations, etc. Almost every Guild I've seen that is older than needs a neck reset. But once they are set up right, they are amazing Guitars I have an F that is just fantastic