This is why Starcraft is better. You don't have to rely on anyone but yourself! I like Dota as well but also quit playing it. I was asking a question, what do you expect when you're at the bottom of the barrel? To try to paint me as a "negative" person in game or anywhere is just rich, there's a reason I have Relax you're doing fine on the chat wheel. There's certainly some truth to this, but at the same time as an ex-SC2 player, i hated how isolated it felt to be playing ranked starcraft. You do your game, have a great win, and get booted back in the main menu and there's no one to give you that high five.

You might watch the replay with a grin, look at what you could've done better and go back in the game. It seemed pretty much the only place where you could actually engage with others. In dota, even if you don't have friends, you can still have some good wombo combo moments with your teammates. And the variety of games is naturally greater.

Still love the original starcraft campaign, but i don't think multiplayer starcraft is for me anymore. I think I followed onemanarmyy 's directions correctly and if I did I had some decent numbers from what I could tell, it always helps to have teammates who understand sometimes you have a bad game and teammates who get tilted help literally nothing so if you want to dive back into the dotes grizzlybutts , I'll play with you: The 2nd number is indeed your behavior score.

I feel like it helps a lot that i play a lot of support.

DOTA 2: Four years and 2,824 matches later, a rant about why I friggin' quit.

Giving a clarity to your carry early on sets the tone for the entire game i found: DOTA is still better for the team winning experience for sure though. Sometimes I'd have a great game but it would just feel like there was one or two players on the other team who stupidly fed me so I got overpowered. Other times I'd get crushed and not know exactly what I did wrong.

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A lot of times I'd have really bad teammates and lose, or really good teammates who carry me to win. I never was sure how good I personally was at any point. When I got Diamond back in Wings of Liberty it was one of the best things I've ever felt playing a video game because I could feel myself getting better at the game, I understood what I needed to do to keep getting better, and I was clearly seeing my practice turn into me ranking up.

Ranked Matchmaking Party Abandon

There's a great sense of self accomplishment in Starcraft 2 that balances out well with Dota's team accomplishments. If you haven't played Legacy of the Void, I'd give it a try. The new co-op mode is really fun and has some extremely hard weekly challenges. The multiplayer is a lot faster too because you start with more workers.

The main problem with the game right now is there's way too many insta-lose units in the game, but Blizzard just announced huge balance changes today, such as removing the mothership core from the game. And as far as the game being "dead" it's not even close not saying you said that, but people everywhere love to say starcraft 2 is a dead game. I don't think you are being fair to themaniacsgnome. There are uncooperative people at all skill levels, many of whom refuse to communicate.

There are also people of all nationalities at all skill levels, which more often then not makes it nearly impossible to communicate. However, I agree with themaniacsgnome 's assessment - it should be simple enough to see that if you are rated at a higher skill level you should, on average, be playing with people who are more technically competent at the game. I have had very bad streaks in my Dota career of being a toxic and inflammatory player myself. And I've definitely been one to assault people for their play, though I do think I have finally managed to taper off and halt the behavior over the past few years not coincidentally, as I've played less and less of the game.

But I know that truly, if I was to go back and be honest with myself at those times, it would be rare that I could truly call the player out on being low skill or having extremely poor understanding of mechanics and strategy. I've sat in the 3. Everyone has bad days, bad games, bad streaks of losses.

Just look at anyone's match history and it is easy to see. It's best not to get too upset and harass someone just for one bad game. Again, I say that I have been very guilty of this myself. Like you, I've pretty much stopped playing the game over the past year because I reached a tipping point in terms of my personal enjoyment of the game. I don't usually enjoy "stomping" other players, and I don't usually enjoy being the victim either.

When the name calling comes out and the feeding begins a "meh" game turns into a torturous 45 minutes that I will never get back. And its hard not to regurgitate the toxicity. I'm sure I'll do it again someday, if I am to ever play again. I'm sure it says a lot of bad things about me as a person, but at least I don't have the risk of "becoming the villain" if I choose not to play the game. The main point of what I initially wrote is frustration with a game that basically owned me for turning into an asshole. Every time that you harm Dota 2 it keeps quiet record of it and if you keep it up you'll have to earn your karma back twice as slow as you trashed it.

I'm not a victim of dota 2's toxic community, at all, I joined in and it made the game miserable. It all boils down to: I love this addictive game, it helped me learn about myself, and now I'm moving on. A 3k behavior score is abyssmal I truly don't mean that in an offensive way. Most everyone I've talked to talks about the variability of anything between 9kk. I haven't even heard of people that low in behavior score. Lowest I've seen is mid 8k.

Steam Support

I didn't word it that way, but it IS k. You're playing with the lowest of the low in terms of people, and that's going to be reflected in their attitude and unfortunately as you stated that rubbed off on you. The best thing I can suggest is muscle through and be supportive of those who are trolling and you'll get out of the rut you're in and begin to be matched with better friendlier people. Kill them with kindness has always been my MO with Dota 2 and it has worked fine for me, I've cultivated a large group of people I can play Dota 2 with even people who were initially hostile.

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  7. The Giantbomb chat isn't nearly as active as it once was but you can find the odd duder who wants to play some Dota 2 in there too. What Flashflood said is kinda on the money, you have to kind of accept that YOU got yourself in this mess. No one decides for you to be toxic in a video game, you made that decision yourself even though you have a tonne of other options. Like c'mon dude, I don't want you to quit Dota 2 over this, I'll even play with you if you'd like but don't pretend it's the communities fault you're in the position you're in. This is almost identical to how I felt when I stopped playing almost two years ago.

    Dota 2 is a great game but the way the community is handled and moderated is a fucking nightmare, and Valve neither acknowledge or make an effort to combat it. The fact that this is still the case two years after I quit in disgust is, if anything, further vindication that I made the right choice in walking away. Yea, you were stuck at the 2k mmr hell, but if you got calibrated at that mmr you werent a spark of sunshine either.

    As for toxicity, maybe i been lucky but i havent been sent to LP for reports ever and i have been playing since back when people used to sell their invites. But chin up Dota will still be here should you change your mind. Maybe its for the best you know, you were already flagged by Valve so all you had to do was give somebody a reason to report you and you were back into LP. But i feel your frustration, were i live its almost the end of winter and about 2 months ago the electric company decided it was a great idea to cut the power 2 days in a row at the same time of night because of rain at the same time, and guess what I agree with what you are saying.

    Interestingly enough, I am looking over your first post again and I think I see what it was that caused you to have these issues in the first place. I generally do better when I am teaching rather than taking orders from others. Game habits are undeserving of these weird and inappropriate declarations of love. Mind you the modern day people only act like this because we feel safe to emulate advertising, like NBA's "I love this game!

    But it is a lie, an exaggeration, that doesn't bear repeating. Now there is as a strong emotional attachment and a kind of depressive episode, that follow the quitting of any pursuit, but it's not love and never was, this is the first thing to realize. I would encourage everyone to explore those feelings and motivations rather than to simplify and mislabel them. Whatever problem you have with use of language is perhaps coming from too conservative a place.

    There's no reason to be reductive and it comes across as belittling. If you won't allow me to love a video game in a blog then perhaps you don't understand how important games are to the people who play them. I'll be as passionate as I damn well please. Any kind of analysis requires me to be reductive, which always carries the risk of being wrong.

    How to avoid cancer players Dota 2 and find out what your behavior score is