Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I do creating it.

I work primarily with limestone, marble, alabaster or soapstone and create sculptures of all sizes, from miniature to monumental.
My designs incorporate broad, round, rhythmic lines to produce sculpture that is tactile, shows movement and emotion, but demands reaction.
Much of my work is humorous in nature but some begs quiet contemplation and is meant to be interpreted by the viewer in their own way.

My work has been commissioned both publicly and privately. It has been presented as awards and corporate gifts as well as enhancing the d├ęcor of private homes and gardens both at home and abroad.
Public commissions can be seen at Brampton City Hall, Brampton Centennial School, Frank McKechnie Library in Mississauga and Haliburton Sculpture Forest.

I studied sculpture at Ontario College of Art, Sheridan College and Haliburton School of Fine Arts. It is a pleasure to have served as Vice President of the Ontario Society of Artists and as an executive member of the Sculpture Society of Canada.