I refuse to subject myself to his stupidity. Now when the tables have turned and black women are doing what black men have been doing for ages calling black women subpar he now wants to get upset. She disrespected her own people. I wish the segment was more of a feel good story because it is the holiday season. As usual Aaron, you are on point! Tom Joyner promotes this shiiggidy with regularity. Jacque is a jaded middle aged, soon to be jaded old woman who cant stand men as well as her own self. I am glad the women on this post can see thru this calamtiy and call it out for what it is.

And yes, Sybil was nasty as Hell to Kordell Stewart for no reaosn at all.

Why Should Black Women Marry Jewish Men? Find Out Inside! + J. Anthony Brown Goes Off!

Yet she laughs at this mess and Tom has the neerve to call her the sensible one on his radio show. Jay, was absolutley right for calling this woman out. Any woman who would use the word scumbag is not a lady at all. Like Heavy D said: I applaud the Black women on this message board that are calling this woman out for being the race traitor that she is you guys are the Black women that should be celebrated.

Someone needs to call Tom Joyner out too, he constantly promotes male bashing garbage like this. Notice how nice and polite Sybil and Jacque were compared to when Kordell Stewart was on the show. I would not buy that book.

Perks Of Dating A Jewish Girl

That word is probably reserved for all the guys who have done her wrong. Anyway, what self respecting black person uses the word scumbag! It is a fact, that women attract a certain type of man, which could be her issue with men in general, not just African American Men only. I certainly did not go to college to find a man!

It seems that your information is certainly based on opinion and definitely not fact. Not that it matters but this beautiful black man of mine just bought me a new house and car. With all this being said, this is my experience, and my particular situation. I would in no way, nor am I anywhere qualified to, recommend or encourage every Black women, or any woman for that matter, to marry a man because of his race assuming that race tells us about that persons personality — news flash: This lady better get a copy and find out who owned the slave ships her ancestors came over on.

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Black media is really working hard to promote the garbage of Black women with White men they are making themselves look like complete slaves this is not progress. Just in time for the holidays. No, that is a a pumped up notion that certain people have pumped up for their own purpose. However, there is a war on brothers. Im glad this person found a man she can live with, but the notion that brothers dont ewant that.

BS, women can come on this blog and 2nd the motion of this woman and jump on brothers because they read this. This woman has issues and so do the women who think trhis is cool. To call someone a scumbag. J Anthony you are really a piece of work. Just disrespecting the sistah talking about her voice is what you took from her talking about her definition of a scumbag.

I agree that J Anthony Brown is a piece of work but I could understand his reaction. I think a lot of black men who take offense as it seems as though they were the targeted group. He could not present an intelligent and legitimate argument to her position so her attacked her personally. That was low class and incredibly ignorant, you proved her point! This is mind-boggling, but understandable. I find your comment about blacks mind boggling and wondering if your race plays a part in your comments. Not all black people are as you describe. Many black boys have been raised or are being raised to be men.

There are bad apples in all races and religions. So lets be fair. Most hard working parents do their job the best they can and the influences of the world kicks in and some young people and older ones fall victim to them and choose the wrong path. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. If You Missed It. Anthony Brown Goes Off! Isaac on February 19, at Isaac on February 20, at 4: Anonymous on January 24, at 2: Larry on January 3, at 5: Kameko on December 24, at Melanin Man on December 23, at Menanin Man on December 22, at 5: Mary on December 22, at 5: Jermaine on December 22, at 6: Linda on December 21, at 7: Still Waiting on December 20, at 5: Wish to see reactions like these every time black women get put down.

D Right One on December 20, at 4: A happily married woman on December 20, at 4: Cameron a black man on December 20, at 1: Aaron on December 21, at Mary on December 20, at Aaron on December 20, at Summer on December 20, at I rolled when J. Joe on December 21, at A happily married woman on December 20, at Tianja BeanIsrael on December 20, at 9: Greenberg believes that this increased resentment and fear among Jews.

Herbert Hill's survey of affirmative-action lawsuits found that Jewish organizations have generally opposed affirmative-action programs. Bakke , when black and Jewish organizations took opposing sides in the case of a white student who sued for admission, claiming that he was unfairly excluded by affirmative action programs. Some leaders of the black community have publicly made anti-Semitic comments, expressing anti-Semitic opinions held by a wider circle of some blacks, accusing Jews of over-aggressiveness in business relations, loyalty to Israel rather than loyalty to the United States , alleged participation in the slave trade, and economic oppression.

Black activist Sufi Abdul Hamid led boycotts in during the Great Depression against certain Harlem merchants and establishments often owned by Jewish proprietors which he claimed discriminated against blacks. Some Jews accused him of anti-Semitism for these activities. In presidential candidate Jesse Jackson and former United Nations ambassador Andrew Young made anti-Semitic comments, which were widely publicized. These remarks were thought to have extended the era of African-American and Jewish distrust into the s.

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In in Brooklyn, a black mob involved in the Crown Heights riot killed Yankel Rosenbaum, an Orthodox Jew, after a car driven by Jews hit and killed a black girl in the neighborhood. Some commentators believed that the unrest was related to anti-Semitism. The two ethnic groups live in close proximity to each other in this neighborhood, and the Orthodox Jewish community has been expanding.

During the s, anti-Semitism became widespread in the black communities on college campuses, where new historical studies revealed more data on Jewish participation in the slave trade, with some commentators claiming that they had dominated it. Leonard Jeffries of the City College of New York was a proponent of this idea, but his conclusions have been disputed by major African-American historians of the slave trade, including David Brion Davis.

African American–Jewish relations

According to surveys begun in by the Anti-Defamation League , a Jewish organization, African Americans are significantly more likely than white Americans to hold antisemitic beliefs. There is a strong correlation between higher education levels and the rejection of anti-Semitic stereotypes for all races. Black Americans of all education levels are significantly more likely than whites of the same education level to be anti-Semitic. The Nation of Islam , a black religious and political group, expressed several anti-Semitic pronouncements in the late 20th century.

The group's founder, Elijah Muhammad , targeted whites in general, and he also asserted that whites—as well as Jews—are devils, implicated in the history of racism against blacks. But he did not consider Jews to be any more corrupt or oppressive than other whites. In , Nation of Islam spokesman Khalid Abdul Muhammad called Jews "bloodsuckers" in a public speech, leading to widespread public condemnation.

He is alleged to have referred to Judaism as a "dirty religion" and to have called Adolf Hitler a "very great man"; Farrakhan denied these claims [88] [89] [90] [91] [92] but a tape obtained by The New York Times supports the claim that he did and that he praised Hitler. During the s, much of the Jewish-black conflict centered on allegations of anti-Semitism made against studies of Jewish involvement in the Atlantic slave trade and allegations that they were over-represented as prominent figures in it.

Tony Martin of Wellesley College included The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews in the reading list for his classes, leading to charges of anti-Semitism against him in Henry Louis Gates Jr. The counterpoint to black anti-Semitism is Jewish anti-black racism.

African American–Jewish relations - Wikipedia

Hacker quotes James Baldwin 's comments about Jewish shopkeepers in Harlem to support his racism claim. Hacker also quoted author Julius Lester , who wrote: Blacks consider [Jews] paternalistic. Black people have destroyed the previous relationship which they had with the Jewish community, in which we were the victims of a kind of paternalism, which is only a benevolent racism. In his essay "Blacks and Jews: The Americans claimed that they had the right of citizenship as Jews under the Israeli Law of Return.

Under the law, the only people recognized as Jews are people who are born Jews having a Jewish mother or maternal grandmother , those with Jewish ancestry having a Jewish father or grandfather , and people who convert to Orthodox , Reform , or Conservative Judaism. Branch believed that the rejection of the Chicago group was based on anti-Black sentiment among Israeli Jews.

He said that Israel had airlifted thousands of black Ethiopian Jews to Israel in the early s.