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Only once a player has built the defenses unlocked at his Town Hall level and upgraded to the new troop levels does his weight begin to increase. Therefore the presentation of Town Halls in the Battle Map whether they are above or below your level can't be taken as an accurate representation of the opposing team's strength. Matchmaking aims to match Clans with similar ratios of offensive and defensive power against each other. Matchmaking will always try to find matches within a tolerable time however, causing variety in the quality of matchups.

Different layouts and base designs do not affect strength. This ensures that your opponents are worthy adversaries.

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Besides, I pity the poor suckers who still have faith in Supercell. This new war matching will end up being worse than before. War Matchmaking times vary from a couple of hours to more than a few days — even with very little wars 5 v5.

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About engineered bases… we were losing a lot of wars against engineered clans so I built a th6 engineered. The New Vipers, have had 41 successive wars matched against more th11s than us. Here is the typical behavior pattern of those cheaters: War starts, within first hours enemy makes attacks which often fails. Then no enemy attacks for the next hours but they watching most of your attacks. I notice this pattern at every war against location China, seems to me they are the master cheaters but in general many others follow the same pattern which I believe is a strong indication for mods usage war simulation cheats.

Without war what is the use of playing coc. How long do you let the search run before you restart? Have you tried searching at a different time? What size are you looking for? Would you rather like to get mismatched and war against a clan that rips you in pieces? The algorithm marks lopsided bases — that means that the level of defense is not matching the level of offense, nothing else. The more this gap is, the more likely the base will pull down your clans chances to get a fair match and the more likely you will get matched against a clan with many engineered bases. I simply set a timer, and get on and if we have no opponent, i will reset the Search.

Anytime i fail to reset and time goes over mins is when we get a MisMatch. Sometimes to our benefit, but usually its a bad Matchup for us! Thanks for all your hard work!! You might also want to check if there are rushed bases in the lineup, they also tend to mess up with your matchmaking. Those wars are all logged by cocp. Great site, I use it all the time. Not very well researched. How can that sight see weight of clan, when not at war? All in all complete rubbish.

By the way, I never had this error myself though several others here did.


Also, why are you interested in seeing it when not going to war?! Those that already have engineered, would be limited to the th offensive troops available to the defense they have achieved. So, an engineered th11 with lvl 50 heroes may be reduced to lvl 30 for war same as troops. This would balance war based on defense and troop levels would be balanced down to match for war.

Would make it fun again. What do you mean is not working? It says internal error. They need to go by town hall level that will stop the abuse as first level to choosing matches. And people should wait for a good match without complaining. I have been ready to quit after starting my clan 3 years ago. How about we got 5 max queens and we only had 1. That needs to changed too. The customer service people are a joke. We should start a movement of players who want to continually lose to position themselves better to join a different clan It makes no sense though.

It is like challenges, the more you win, the harder your opponents will be. You want easier opponents every time until you are playing a level 8 2k trophy players? If the players you are facing are too good and are wrecking you, then they will keep on moving to face more difficult opponents and you will get matched with someone that most likely also got rekt by a better player. Than those better players will later play against each other later on and half of them will lose, and half will win, and so on.

Losing on purpose makes 0 sense and it only holds you back from improving and gaining more rewards. And playing against an easier opponent every time also doesn't make any sense.

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On Clan Wars, all what matters is your performance on that day or both days , not your latest 10 Wars. You can join another clan to intentionally lose there let's say 5 times and then come back to get way easier opponents. What happens is that you perform better than usual without really being better. It makes sense and is doable.

Clan War Matchmaking – Less Mismatches

I already do this for 2v2, there is a hidden MMR aswell. It is exploitable to a certain degree I would not call it an actual exploit, because there will be a perfect balance afterwards and you don't really cheat anything or similar. I play the game for a challenge, my goal is not trying to manipulate the system waste my time to try and find a player on tilt This, it is a waste of time.

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Basically going to another clan to lose clan wars on purpose to come back to his clan, all to avoid losing, but he just had to lose a bunch on purpose. Seems counterproductive and a waste of time. Let me put an analogy to your logic. What a waste of time to rob". That makes no sense and doesn't even compare. If you successfully robbed a bank, congrats you profited in money. But in this situation, if he left his clan to go lose on purpose in another clan, then came back to win a few games against noobs, before losing again to better players, then to leave again so he can go lose on purpose so he can beat noobs again, he isn't profiting any wins here.

He will just end up being equal in wins and losses. And he won't get better either since all he plays are noobs and then loses on purpose to keep playing noobs. So he won't learn from his mistakes and he won't learn how better players play, so all in all, it is a waste of time strategy that won't even help him at all lol. But let's say a whole clan does this so they then face a bunch of noob clan, that way they can get first place easy.

Tips to get easy war match in clash of clans - Mathematically Proved - how to get easy war opponent

Congrats you just won a Bronze chest and lost the chance to win extra gold from winning battles instead of losing on purpose. Because let's be honest, this strategy would only work in Bronze league with all the noobs, and Bronze league chest is worse than Clan Chests rewards. Clan is in silver. Wins about half the games on collection day and end up even in War day, so that they don't progress trophy wise. They now let the clan stay there and they create a new clan and lose there 5 consecutive times. They go back to the original clan, which is in the same place , it does not get affected in any way.

Congratulations, you successfully gained enough trophies to reach gold league. The Rewards are way better than in silver, without being better.