She saw Ino glareing holes in her head. Then with the sweetest voice she could muster she asked "Is there something wrong Ino? Ino changed the expression on her face quickly to a surprised one "Uh, No, of course not, what could there be wrong? Lee interupted "I have the bottle! I will spin the bottle twice. The first person it lands on will have to kiss the second person anywhere.

The first person it landed on was Sakura the next person was Shikamaru. Sakura blushed, and Ino was fuming. Shikamaru mouthed the word lips to Sakura without anyone noticeing. Sakura understood and and slowly put a hand on Shikamaru's shoulder and leaned in and kissed him. It wasn't a long kiss but it wasn't a short one either. When they pulled apart Ino quickly grabbed the bottle and spun it.

It first landed on Shikamaru then on He grabbed the back of her neck and started kissing her on the lips. At first a bit slow and sweet, but then slowly got a bit more passionate. When they pulled apart it was because they needed air to breath. They were both clearly out of breath. Ino fumed some more and spun the bottle again, which led to Shikamaru and Sakura kissing again. After another three times of that happening agian Ino took the bottle and smashed it in the garbge. Ino spun the bottle and it first landed on Sasuke then on Ino.

Sasuke gave Ino a qucik kiss on the cheek. After that her smirk was gone. Sakura thought 'Hey maybe Shikamau was right, they aren't dating. Otherwise wouldn't Sasuke kiss her on the lips.

Naruto grabbed the collar of Sasuke's shirt and pulled him to him into a quick but hard kiss ont he lips. Naruto glared at Shikamaru at first then said "Oh shoot! I just kissed Sasuke, when I didn't have to! Shikamaru said "I'm sure you'll get a turn soon. But first there is something I would like to ask. He then turned towards Sakura. Ino looked like he was ready to kill. Sasuke just smirked, Ino's plan had backfired. Lee "Oh the youth! Please wonderful bottle show me who I am meant to be with. Shikmaru you can have Sakura.

Gai-sensei told me you must know that sometimes it's ok to admit defeat! Now please bottle show me the way! Lee spun the bottle and first it landed on himself. Sasuke said "I've been dating Naruto for a while now. The whole thing with Ino was a dare.

I Dare You, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

This is how I really kiss the ones I love. Then the girls turned to the boys, "Hey Naruto", the guys turned to see why the girls wanted Naruto. Everyone ignoring them went back to questioning Naruto. Getting nowhere Kakashi turned to the sensei, "I think I have an idea.

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Looking down at Naruto at Naruto he sighed. In one movement he had one arm around Naruto's waist pulling him close. The other arm tilting Naruto's face up and his lips getting closer to Naruto's. Everyone lost for words in shock, except the sensei. Then just like that the shock doubled as someone ran up kicked Asuma and pulled Naruto to their chest saying on word: I mean it won't do if we don't look like a couple that is in love, now will it. Sasuke couldn't help but become wary of the blonde's look but had to admit that the dobe did have a point. We've both had relationships before so that should be a no-brainer.

O, how about standing. Sasuke lifted one single delicate eyebrow as if to mock the blond sitting in front of him. The blond quickly turned red in anger before opening his mouth.

We can't just be standing together side by side all the time otherwise their going to get suspicious. Now that got Sasuke's attention. In most gay relationships the taller one is the one that stands behind the shorter one. Now since I actually am the gay one I think that qualifies me to be the seme since I know what I'm doing and the fact that I usually am when I'm dating someone. I'll be more able to pick up on others who are hitting on you and those who don't like you.

With me doing that I can act like the possessive seme I'm supposed to be while you act like the uke who's oblivious, like you probably will be. Sasuke wanted to retort and say that he could do the same job that Naruto could, but he had to silently admit that he probably couldn't. He had no idea what it was like to be in a homosexual relationship and Naruto did. He would have to trust the blond in this area. Naruto seeing this casually stood up and motioned for Sasuke to do the same. Once standing, Naruto walked around Sasuke pressing into the man's personal space.

Naruto immediately noticed how Sasuke stiffened as he brushed sides with him while passing. The two were use to invading each other's personal space at times, but for Sasuke the situation seemed to be much different than it usually was. Once Naruto got behind Sasuke he slowly took a step forward in a silent warning of what he was going to do.

As Naruto finished the step Sasuke was suddenly vary aware of Naruto. With that one step the blond had managed to press the front of his body along Sasuke's back, almost connecting them fully. Sasuke could feel Naruto's breath tickle the top of his hair as the boy slowly wrapped his arms around the smaller man's waist. The raven also became aware of how his body fit perfectly up against Naruto's, the blonde's body almost seeming like a barrier that protected Sasuke from the outside world. Sasuke also hesitantly noticed how his ass fit flawlessly against Naruto's groin.

However, before Sasuke had a chance to contemplate his discovery the silence was broken by Naruto. We don't have to do this all the time, but when needed this will definitely come in handy. All Sasuke could do was nod in agreement and wondered if he was really ready for the ride he had signed up for. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Naruto and Sasuke have been best friends for years, so when Sasuke finds himself dumped by Sakura it is only natural for Naruto to plot revenge for him right?

Yet somehow them posing as a couple wasn't the kind of revenge Sasuke had in mind. I do not own Naruto. Chapter title owned by The Offspring Author: I haven't figured out any other pairings yet. T — M Sasuke couldn't believe it. They had been together for a year. After years of pestering he had given into and dated her and now she was dumping him. His thoughts were chaotic with questions about why and how.

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  3. Sasuke's Little Secret, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction;
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He was one of the hottest guys in the city of Konoha, a guy that girls fought over daily and here he was being dumped. Sasuke continued to analyze the situation until he was brought out of his thoughts by his ex? The world seemed to move in slow motion for a certain raven haired boy as he walked down the street.

After leaving the park Sasuke had decided to take a walk to cool down some from his conversation with Sakura. I thought you were going to be out with Sakura. Breaking himself from his thoughts he decided to answer Naruto's unspoken question.

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