Don't overdo this or you'll seem like a stalker. Try to find things you have in common. Do you both play guitar or love the same bands?

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Suggest that you jam together! Do you both play sports?

Ask him to play a pickup game sometime. It may take a bit of practice to know what makes him click, but stick with it. Take the things that he likes to do and be sure to make an appearance. Does he do sports? Go to his games or tournaments and cheer him on. Ask him when it's going to be, and wish him luck if you can't come. See if he tries to spot you in the stands! Encourage him when he is down: All guys have some down moments, so cheer him up. Showing him that you care will make him more likely to care about you. Do not say another boy is "hot" or go on about someone else. He might think you like the other boy and not him.

If you like multiple boys at the same time, decide on which boy which you want to pursue and only go after him.

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Or, have a lot of friends and don't focus on one boy! It's not like you are going to get married! It's fun to have a lot of friends and not have to worry about treating anyone one of them differently because you don't like them all the same. If your crush finds out that you like two guys at the same time, he might not feel that he was special in your mind. If there's a subject you excel at and he's struggling with, offer to help him. If the opposite is true, ask him for help.

This will lead to more one-on-one time and an overall better relationship with him. You probably already know this, but don't plan on getting a lot of work done during these study sessions. Your attention is going to be spent elsewhere, and that's okay!

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Just prepare for your exam a day or two ahead if you can. However, you should make sure that you DO get some work done. It may seem strange if you show up for a study session, then talk the whole time. There are a couple different ways for you to tell whether a boy likes you or not. Here are some tricks to find out without coming out and asking him.

Do you really like him? (middle school girls)

Ask him to carry your backpack to class. Tell him it's heavy and he looks strong enough to carry it easily. If he says yes, it probably means that he likes you enough to do favors for you, and likes that you think he's strong. If you want to tell one of your friends something when he's there, tell him to close his ears or to step back a little.

This will make him want to hear what's going on even more, and you'll know that he cares. Make sure the coast is clear. Be sure he does not already have a girlfriend. Double check to make sure that none of your friends like him. You don't want to stir up a lot of drama with your friends, because you might lose a friend and scare your crush away. If one of your friends does like him, you should discuss who "gets" him.

If you can't come to a fair agreement such as who liked him first, he chooses, etc. If you decide to let your friend go after him and they get together, don't hold it against him or her. Stay friends with them. Be happy for them and realize that there will be plenty of other boys in your future.

QUIZ: Does He LIKE YOU Like You, Or Just Like You?

If you don't get the person you like, don't get sad. Be confident in who you are deep down inside and love yourself from the inside out.

Middle School Dating

Sometimes, after a boy realizes you like them that way, they start to see you in a different light. Even if he says no, he may start to subconsciously think about the characteristics that he likes about you or why you would make a good girlfriend. Shy boys don't always have the courage to tell other people how they really feel, or they don't know how to.

If you like a shy boy and he doesn't seem interested, it could be because he gets nervous around you and doesn't know what to do. If he is shy, keep trying to make him feel comfortable around you. Definitely hang out with him in places where he is most comfortable. Balance out your life. It's definitely tough being a middle-schooler, but you're beginning to learn how to balance out all the work and drama in your life.

Don't be too over-committed or you won't have time to hang out with him and remember that there's more to life than middle school and it won't be long before you're not even sure what you ever saw in that boy! If he feels he can't keep up with you, he might get too nervous and think that you're out of his league. If you are very socially active, invite him to come along one day with you and some of your friends.

This will give him a chance to be around you outside of school and in your natural state. Don't make him feel like you're never around. If you bring him along make sure he feels comfortable. Likewise, don't under-commit or you could seem like a loser. You want to surround your life with interesting activities and friends regardless of whether he likes you. If he does like you, your life just got that much better.

If he doesn't like you, your life is fun and meaningful without him!

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  8. This means being comfortable in your own skin, doing what you want to do, and saying what you want to say. The people who don't love and respect you for who you are truly aren't worth fighting for. Don't try to be somebody you're not. He'll like you just the way you are. You may even have some things in common. Show a little interest. If you think that he might like you, try to be a little more forward with him.

    Quiz - Will you snag a BF or GF this year?

    Let him know you're interested, but not desperate. If you're not sure where he's at, be careful about following these steps; they might not turn out the way you had hoped! Ask him, "Hey, would you like to hang out with me sometime? If he says yes, you've done your part.

    Does She Like You? Middle School Boys Only(Created by a girl)

    Smile and tell him you have to go. Then walk away without looking back. Now the ball is in his court. Suggest going to the movies or a school sports game together. Asking him to the movies would be a little more formal of a date, but you could also suggest going with friends. Asking him to a school sports game doesn't have to be a "date.