Apparently they wanted to use up the last cup rig lures and placed the new marked props on the older cup rig lures. Body shapes ranged from the earliest with a high forehead and two or three belly weights, to the later slim bodies with only one belly weight. The most common is the later single belly weight. Early cup rig models c. As of they used both wood boxes and cardboard depending on the minnow until the era. Boxes are generally thought to have been used from At that time a new cardboard box was used: The next hook hanger which was first cataloged in The hook screw has an arm for an attachment screw which comes out of the cup and on to the body.

The attachment screw can be seen on the left of the photo. This hardware is made in two pieces and the toilet seat shape gives it the name. He may put two hands on your one hand when he shakes it.

Antique Lure Reference Material

His flirting will both verbal, physical, and aggressive. He may come out of nowhere and grab your arm in a crowd. As your speaking he may rub your hair as he is complimenting it. He will be in your face, his arm may end up on the back of your chair as he is leaned into you. His voice may be a little rushed and his tone is heightened. He will say things like, "I have this thing I have to do, but I want you to make some time for me.

The Sports Fisherman seeks acknowledgement. He will come to you as well.

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He is smiling and laughing and purposefully noticing. He will take action and grab you by the hand and lead you. His flirting is verbal, physical, aggresive, and tactful. He is the guy who will come up in the club and grab your foot and caress your ankle.

Dating Fishing Lures

He will put his arm around your back and pull you into him. His voice will be steady, calm and persuasive and his tone will be low. He will have you do most of the talking, but he will lead you into it without you realizing it. He will say things like, "I am going to boo you up. The Commercial Fisherman is by nature, non-flashy. But where he will show some flash is in his gestures to you.

He will be consistent. His flashy flirt will be animated kissy faces. He may say, "I think we look really good together. The Recreational Fisherman is all flash. He will come up at the club and say, "Let's go dance. He will be dressed well. His flashy flirt will be vocal and he will have you on a date before you know it and it will not be a meet and greet at the coffee shop, it will be a trip or an event. He may say, "Everybody is looking at us, we are such a good looking couple. The Sports Fisherman is selectively flashy.

The Dating Bait Bucket: Baits and Lures

His flash is in his charm. He seeks the prize. He will entertain you and make you feel on top of the world. His flashy flirt will be embellishments. If you are at a bar, he will buy you and your girlfriends drinks all night. He too will have you on a date before you know it, but it will be an unforgettable one. He will have it planned out based on something of interest to you. He will say, "Next time, we are going to do this Nobody can tell us when we should bite and when we shouldn't.

But what we can do is educate ourselves about the type of person we are dealing based the type of bait they are dangling in front of us. Deciphering intent is key. Intent of natural bait is to catch utilizing realness. Intent of artificial bait is to lure you based on presenting the illusion of being real. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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Eric Sorenson provides historical background on the origins and evolution of fishing gear, from information on the inventors of particular pieces and backgrounds on companies that produced them. Clyde Harbin The Bassman last book. This book contains a sampling of the most significant catalogs produced by Heddon from Collectors will enjoy the nostalgia of the times, be able to observe the evolution of Heddon's lures and marketing, and utilize the color chart and lure listings provided to grow and identify their own collections.

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  6. Luckey with Clyde Harbin Sr. This book continues to be a must-have resource book for any serious collector. Heddon Historical Footprints by Clyde A. Clyde Harbin is the nation's foremost authority on antique fishing lures and has over thirty years of research on the Heddon family and company. Harbin's Copyrights for this book. This book covers over fifty years of lures.

    LIVE BAIT vs. ARTIFICIAL LURE Fishing Challenge -- Which Catches BIGGER Fish???

    It was compiled and published in by Clyde Harbin Sr. It contains copies of Heddon catalogs dating from to complete with lures, rods and reels. Antique Fishing Lures Home Page. Antique Fishing Lures by Floyd Roberts.

    Natural Bait

    This book provides a written and visual history of many American lure companies. Collectors will enjoy this history of America's earliest fishing lure manufacturers prior to This book is done in color and contains a list of current values. The author provides a concise history of rod construction techniques and analysis of classic design patents dating from - Detailed illustrations and photographs of distinctive rod components are included.

    The author has produced great photos making it easy to identify and decipher reels for the enthusiast. A guide to values is accurate for today's market.

    Easy to read format. If values are what you need this is an excellent book to have. It is more of a comprehensive history book on early wood lures, scarce metal baits and rare bass flies. It also has a section on fishing tackle paraphernalia. It does illustrate some of the common lures, metal baits, bass flies and angling accessories with a value guide. It is a hard cover book with pages of full color. There are over 1, pictures with lots of new information. There are small sections on rods, reels, lures and miscellaneous collectibles.