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The ratio between male customers and female customers is even. Aisekiya is open to anyone, even foreigners can go there to practice Japanese.

Speed Dating Challenge - Teddy vs. DoBoy

In fact, sometimes we see foreigners dropping by Aisekiya with their Japanese friends to meet new people. You will mostly not be able to meet the love of your life at Aisekiya, but it is a great place and a great way for you to step out of your comfort zone meeting new people. Ginza is a favorite shopping destination for both the locals and the foreigners, and many people visit Ginza only to….

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  • Speed Dating in Kyoto Japan.
  • Try Speed Dating and Improve Your Chances of Finding True Love at Aiseki Cafe in Ginza!;
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    There is in Japan a pilgrimage route around the island of Shikoku, connecting 88 temples belonging almost all to the…. Freeman Cafe Finding cafes with free Wi-Fi in Tokyo is never easy, as there are only few cafes offering complementary…. Speed Dating Bar Aisekiya. Seats at Aisekiya The opportunities to encounter with other males…that sounds pretty suspicious, but hey, Aisekiya is only a normal izakaya bar with a touch of speed dating there.

    Trending Now: Speed Dating Bar Aisekiya

    First, patrons are asked to fill out a form with some key information about them. Next, male and female patrons are randomly paired and are seated comfortably at a table for two. Visitors are encouraged to get to know their tablemates just like in regular speed dating set-ups. Coffee and cakes are also provided to make the conversation more pleasant and enjoyable.

    Hook up in kyoto – A Color Story

    Should the conversation turn awkward, the cafe thoughtfully provides a tablet loaded with music and other contents for patrons to use. If you find your tablemate unappealing, fret not! Note that the men are rotated every thirty minutes while the women stay seated. The goal is crystal clear. Unlike other regular speed dating parties, Aiseki Cafe is open all day with no reservations required.

    Online Speed Dating in Kyoto, Japan

    You can come in at any time you want to find the potential love of your life! The cafe is designed to give you a simple and clean atmosphere. At Aiseki Cafe, each patron will get unlimited coffee and cakes. Women have the advantage of paying only yen and enjoying unlimited coffee and cakes with no time limit! Men, on the other hand, have to pay a lot more.

    Men can enjoy an hour of unlimited coffee and cakes for 2, yen, and if they wish to extend, each additional hour will cost them another 1, yen.