Six Reasons Dating Sucks And We're Officially Sick Of It

Despite our technological advances and having access to resources that are meant to bring people together, people still report that they are struggling to find romantic relationships. As a dating therapist in San Francisco who works with singles of all ages daily, if you are struggling — you are not alone! Today I want to share three pieces of advice that can help you change your dating outlook in and the rest of You can only go on so many bad dates before you start to wonder: The truth is, while it is absolutely true that a LOT of your dating woes are impacted by the person you are currently getting to know, there is more in your control than you might realize.

A DatingDamn is one of those places that keeps you blocked from flowing into a great relationship, and redirects your energy back into the same old patterns that keep you unhappy. Could a good friend or you easily identify your DatingDamn which keeps you stuck?

What to Do When Your Love Life Makes You Miserable

The type of person you are uncannily drawn to, or the dynamic you seem to inexplicably find no matter where you go or who you talk to, or the way you always find something wrong with people who you were initially attracted to? That is your DatingDamn!

I'm trying to date it sucks

I get this question all the time — Is it a Dating Dam as in a blockage that keeps the dating flow from happening? I see this again and again with my dating therapy clients. Until they understand why and can deconstruct it, they keep repeating this pattern! Not to mention, no one knows how to eat on a first date.

Reasons Online Dating Can Suck If You’re a Guy

Usually the girls order a salad. And I mean come on. Did we want the salad? We probably wanted the pesto chicken Panini, but knew damn well it would just mess up our makeup and probably ruin the chances of a second date we might not even want.

Why Dating Sucks: Advice from a Dating Therapist

Speaking of food, food costs money. And is it wrong to just assume? How do you even meet people nowadays?

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No one expects to find someone out and about anymore. Everyone relies on the Internet.

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The problem with dating sites is simple. Not everyone in the world is on them! So, it makes me wonder. There are probably going to be a lot of creeps. Think about how many first dates you go on before you find someone you click with.

Dating Sucks

Given this person feels the same way about you, they might not be the kind of person who subscribes to sex on the first, second, or third date. By the time that third date comes around, you start to feel the nauseating effects of the way-too-cheap sushi platter from that sketchy restaurant in the seedy part of town. You know what ruins sex?