Honestly though, they did such a great job.

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  • Lesbian/Queer Women 20s & 30s Speed Dating!
  • Wednesday • December 5.
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  • Queer Ladies Speed-Dating at Strand Bookstore Happened, Was A Huge Success!
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They were hilarious and energetic, but also really careful to make sure everyone felt comfortable and at ease. As I mentioned, The Strand was expecting about 40 girls to show up, and instead we packed about humans into the awesome third floor Rare Book Collection. This meant that though the event was set to start at 7pm, it actually began closer to 7: No one complained, and the late start just meant everyone had time to drink a little extra wine and get a little more comfy if you know what I mean. Gabby and Carly led everyone in so many great activities.

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  4. Lesbian/Queer Women 20s & 30s Speed Dating.
  5. You Should Go: Queer Ladies Speed Dating At Strand Bookstore, Holiday Edition | Autostraddle!
  6. Queer Woman Board Game Speed Dating!
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  8. There was the part where each person got a colorful index card with a word on it and had to find the other human who had the matching word. But the genius part was that there were multiples of each word, so every person had the opportunity to meet several matches during this ice breaker! One of the ice breakers was to draw your interpretation of a book that means a lot to you — could this event be more perfect? At some point Robin arrived and she and Shelly and I had a discussion about how truly fantastic it was to see so many queer women connecting in a safe and literary space.

    And that made my little gay heart SING. Then Gabby stood on a table and encouraged us to support The Strand with our lesbian dollars so they in turn will continue to support our community and it was perfect.

    When a Straight Girl Dates an OUT Lesbian (StoryCorps)

    Put queers in positions of power and we can make stuff happen! Kate, the badass behind this concept, is a queer lady who happens to be on the events staff at The Strand. She wanted to create this event and her company supported her. See how that works? The Strand deserves a huge shout out for hosting such a great event for the queer community, and I am personally asking that all New York-based Autostraddle readers show our love and support by spending our book-buying dollars at this fine institution.

    Photos of girls speed dating with bookshelf porn in the background should be a new tumblr. There was an abundance of both red and white wine, and the yummiest cake balls made by Lizzy Selzer. I never wanted to leave. And if you live outside the city I encourage you to chat with your local independent bookstores and try to host queer lady literary events in your city.

    How it works

    Vanessa is a queer feminist writer and photographer currently based in New York. She really misses Portland. Find her on twitter and instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: This event looks like it was awesome. I support the strand often and it is great that they are doing something like this.

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    I am still way too terrified to ever go, but I think it is great. So sad I missed this, looks like it was great! Hope everyone got some love connections! So awesome seeing ladies I know in these pictures! Yes to planning a similar event in Boston! And Vanessa, your articles always give me all the feelings. I am so deeply envious of those who got to attend. We should definitely organise one of these in Sydney, official antipodean queer mecca. I suspect it will take a while with SO many people. Like next week soon? Or maybe next month soon? I have lots of friends I could bring too!!!

    If I knew about this beforehand, I would have attended! Most of those girls look to be a bit older than me though, and far more established in their lives. I also love The Strand, so. Friends are good too. So we should make speed friendship-ing a thing. Whyyyy did this have to happen five days before I move to New York?

    I want to meet you all and be friends and yay! This thing about being a boss by getting closer to your date… instead of hopping on the table, what if you climbed across the table and sat in her lap? Do you automatically win or would you get kicked out? I really want to go to New York. My imagination is not limited by my bank account.

    Find her on twitter and instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: I vote that someone create a gallery of all the special moments between Gabby and Katrina that have ever been captured by a camera. I love my wife dearly but I almost wish I was single so I could attend this. Okay, not really, but these sound like super fun events and I love The Strand. I cannot believe I missed this event again!

    NEW! LGBT Center on 4th

    On behalf of San Francisco Dyke march we will be putting on a speed dating event benefit. Can I get some help SF autostraddlers???? All are welcome to attend and we are in need of more volunteers too. Kelly, hope to see you there! On reflection I figured out it could well take a while, what with all the inputting paper into spreadsheets and cross-referencing and also doing their normal strand jobs, but I obviously get nervous easily….

    So can something like this happen in Boston in the near ish future? Because that would pretty freakin awesome…. Vanessa Vanessa is a queer feminist writer and photographer currently based in New York.

    Queer Ladies Speed-Dating at the Strand

    Vanessa has written articles for us. You May Also Like Ode to My Pantry: Log in to Reply. You should do a national speed dating tour.

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    This is a great idea! Contribute to the conversation