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At the same time, while I am diplomatic, I will also stand up for myself. How are you least like Cookie? I grew up in the 'hood but was too scared to go to jail so I wasn't selling drugs or doing them because my goal was to get out of the 'hood. That didn't work out for Cookie and she went to jail.

How did that affect you? Being a single parent is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. It was hard and even though he Marcell is now 22, it's still hard. His father was taken from him at a young age and that's tough on a boy because he really needs a man in his life.

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It also affected my relationships because I didn't want to bring any man into his life if they weren't going to stick, so I put that part of my life on hold for my son for a long time. How does he feel about your success? It's hard for him because he didn't choose this career. He sees people talking about me and saying inappropriate things on the internet all the time and that's his mother so it's tough. I want him to find his own voice but I'm there for him too. Jamal, and his thriving sex life, is propaganda.

Empire co-creator Lee Daniels has talked at length about Jamal being a way to appease what he called homophobic black audiences, and it worked. He's Empire's most loved character, after Cookie Taraji P. In normalizing Jamal, Empire made a commendable effort to show him as a full person, which means, of course, dating.

And dating with abandon: Jamal has had — and curved — more baes than his brothers. Some of these dudes had potential; others were total fboys. One thing they have in common: Jamal may be thirsty, or irresistible to all men; fans are here for it either way. How have all his boo thangs stacked up?

Here's a ranking of the boys he's given some of that Lyon fever so far from worst to best.

Empire's Serayah & Bryshere Gray Talk Dating Co-Stars with 'Cosmopolitan'

Ryan Morgan, the Filmmaker These two were doomed from the start, since Ryan Morgan Eka Darville met Jamal when the singer was still trying to play straight for the public. Lucious hired Ryan to do documentary on Empire and, as one does, they ended up sucking face. Jamal tried to convince Ryan to hide his sexuality from Lucious too, leading to a conversation about growing up gay with an African-American father and living in the truth, yada yada yadda.

Theirs was a situation of pure convenience and pretty dull at that, until Jamal's suspected baby with Olivia interrupted their flow and Ryan peace'd out instead of wanting to play papa. Ryan was way too serious for the upbeat Jamal. On to the next. Warren Hall, the Mole Not only a bad choice, but also dangerous. Now, Warren is undeniably fine, but he's also inherently problematic. Because this is Empire , we know how this is going to play out: The second season of Empire was filled with amous guest stars. One of them, who appeared in a few episodes as Jameson Henthrop, was William Fichtner, who is perhaps best known from his role on Prison Break.

William has been married to his wife Kymberly Kalil since Although there were rumors in that suggested the couple had split and preparing to divorce, they are still together today. The lovely actress Marisa Tomei, who is known for her iconic role in My Cousin Vinny, is another star who appeared in several episodes in the second season. For a a few years, the two actors had a pretty heavy fling and were even rumored to be engaged. They each moved on, but were reunited as cast mates when they both appeared in the new Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Of course the dashing movie star is no unfamiliar face in Hollywood, and has starred in several blockbuster hits such as Independence Day and Kill Bill: The five-time Grammy winner and judge on The Voice, married her manager, Tim Weatherspoon in during a small, tropical, Costa Rica wedding, Beyonce and Michelle were there too of course.

The beautiful couple now have an adorable two-year-old song together named Titan. Derek has been married to actress Sophia Adella Luke since , and they are still happily married 19 years later! Morocco Omari first appeared as Tariq Cousins in the second season. In he married actress, JoNell Kennedy. The couple got divorced after a brief 5-year marriage and went their separate ways. When they got married, interracial marriages were looked down upon and were even illegal in some parts of the country.

Racial tensions were at an all time high, and the couple received hateful judgement even from their own families. Luckily, despite all the negative attention, they stayed strong and in love after all these years.

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They now have two children who are both in their 40s. Yet another Naomi Campbell relationship on this list if we included them all it would make an entire article is between costars Naomi and Terrence Howard. Although it was never made official, reports stated that the two were out spending a lot of time together. Rumer dated fellow actor Jayson Blair in , and the two made quite the striking pair.

After a year of dating, they decided to go their separate ways and call it a day. However, it seems like there might be hope for the former power couple after all, as they were caught leaving a romantic Italian restaurant in Hollywood in , and have posted some relationship-esque selfies together on Instagram. The two were together for about a year, and he even allegedly proposed to the Empire star only one week before he met Khloe! Lamar went to marry the reality star after knowing her for only 32 days… and we all know how that marriage ended up.

Sad News For 'Empire' stars Trai Byers and his wife Grace Gealey...

Demi Moore has certainly moved on since her messy divorce from Ashton Kutcher. Less than a year after the divorce, Demi began dating someone even younger than her ex-husband. The actress, who was 51 at the time, delighted celebrity tabloids when she stepped out in public with her year-old boyfriend, Sean Friday, the drummer of hard rock band Dead Sara, in They dated for a whole year, until they broke up, for unknown reasons.

The couple had a rocky relationship to say the least, and divorced in after a year marriage. They remarried in , only to get a second divorce two years later.

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Terrence admitted to hitting his ex-wife and mother of three of his children during an interview with Rolling Stone in The two met while playing on-screen lovers in the movie The Skinny. The picture-perfect couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in a mansion on Grand Cayman Island with only about 50 guests, which included several of their friends from the Empire cast. We hope you manage to leave all the Empire drama on the set and concentrate on your private alone time. Hummus has been popping up everywhere over the last several years - from hot dog stands and restaurants to your local grocery store.

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South Africa is a country of heart stopping beauty and elegance, and it also has a hugely important history. The country has changed and We all need a break now and then. If the news these days is to be believed, the world is a pretty dangerous place,. There seem to be terror attacks happening with alarming