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SG reviews 1 total 1 user review of SG by Yamaha. Other Guitars, Amps, etc for sale. Yamaha serial numbers are recycled every ten years, 29 formats are supported here based on research available on the yamaha website. Looking for pickup advice please.


Yamaha, a company that is known for having an extensive broad range of products, from motorcycles to musical instruments, produces electric guitars models. It's a rarer beast, but my goodness what an instrument. Yamaha sg guitar for sale: Yamaha SG classic old vintage Japan electric guitar, sunburst, hard case: Har av och till varit lite sugen p en sn men faktiskt aldrig haft mjlighet att testa.

Jag har haft en SG frn typ In , Yamaha developed the SG with Carlos Santana and in keeping with Santanas quest have long been the flagship models in Yamahas electric guitar. Yamaha Guitars decided to work with Carlos Santana in the late 70's to build his ideal guitar, together they created the amazing Yamaha SG I'm not sure of the model because the name tag is brokenoff see picture but I believe it to be an SG Do you still have your sg ? If so di it in original condition? May be you could email me some pictures. I have a yamaha sg for.

SG made by yamaha and i think it was made in , as i went. Lucky for them Yamaha saw fit to reissue these babies. I recently bought a Yamaha sg in vintage white.

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It's a super guitar looking and in playing and performance Yamaha FG looking for age and sale. The History of Yamaha Guitars, a good but far from complete book on Yamaha guitars, gives the following serial number chart for. The SG came only in opaque colors, black and cherry, suggesting use of lower-grade maple on the tops.

Pickups on the were exposed. It appears to have been an SG with white binding on the top and an even plainer flower inlay on the head. The substituted a cream pickguard and pickup rings for the black laminate of the It was most likely not exported to the U. Ch… ch… changes While Yamaha was involved in modifying the SG, no new models seem to have appeared.

No details are available except it looked identical to the SG, with the split-wing inlays, etc. This was another set-neck guitar that differed from the earlier SG in that it now sported dot inlays and white bobbins on exposed pickup bobbins. In Japan, this model was also called the Professional, which was engraved on the pickguard.

This guitar looked like a fancy SBG with gold-plated hardware, but it also sported significant differences. One major difference in construction was the use of solid mahogany for the wings.

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Others included a smaller finetune bridge and lack of a sustain plate. Most noticeable was the addition of Mexican abalone purfling to the top.

Yamaha sg2000 dating

Less noticeable were the new, black-plastic covered Spinex high-output humbuckers. Each came with a laminated pickguard and an optional brass pickguard.

Finish options were metallic black a kind of metalflake , wine red, and cream white. The SBG Customs were spectacular guitars. None of these show up in U.

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At the top of the line the SG was added. Basically this had SG construction and pickups including the new bridge combined with the multiple bound trim of the SG minus the abalone trim. The SG was similar but with fewer plies of binding. Little information is available on the SG, but it was probably a set-neck with a white-and-black top binding, clay split-wing inlays in bound rosewood, gold hardware, the new bridge and Spinex pickups, with the headstock inlay.

The SG was a with a two-octave fingerboard and no pickguard, available in a metallic blue. The SGT was a with a nifty new stud-mounted double-locking finetune vibrato, no pickguard, and only one volume and one tone. No other differences are known. The SG was the N with a two octave fingerboard. The SG had all the new features with dot inlays and chrome hardware.

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  • Yamaha SG2000.

The head, fingerboard, and top were all free of binding, and inlays were dots. The edges were soft and the body was thinned down. Hardware and finish were black. Likewise, nothing is known about the SGT except it probably had the new vibrato.

Basically, the was identical except for having the new Spinex pickups and the new thinner bridge, still with coil taps. Available in black, burgundy, and orange sunburst. New in the U. This had no binding, dots on rosewood, chrome hardware, no pickguard, white pickup bobbins, and surrounds.

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Finishes were brown sunburst, black, and pearl white. But Yamaha continued to produce custom shop SGs. Some in black, some wine red. Another custom Takanaka SGT was also produced at that time with a flame maple cap. These were based on the original Santana model and featured a fancy engraved pearl and gold inlaid Buddha on the guitar belly. A special engraved flower graced the headstock.

Pickups were not covered, and the center maple strip in the neck was visible through the body on the back. Whoever picks up a vintage Yamaha SG knows he or she is playing a seriously nice guitar. One unconfirmed source says only 24, SGs and SGs were produced. The days of finding these for a few hundred bucks are pretty much gone, but some SGs from the later years can still be found at bargain prices.

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