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What if the "off" tank were drained during periods of non-use? What problems would you anticipate there? Or, find a home inspector anywhere in the world with our inspection search engine. Originally Posted by John Caraway Thank you for your comments. Growth range If I was going to leave water in the tank then I would add about a pint of Chlorine Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series As a non-member I want to thank you all for allowing me to use this forum.

I received valuable advice and information. The time now is 8: Password Mark Forums Read. Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series. Had a call from someone that just had there home inspected. Andersen, TN HI I guess it would all depend if they service two separate circuits or one. Originally Posted by gmelien. Series has an advantage I think. One should note that in predominantly colder climates, it doesn't matter anyway. Originally Posted by dandersen. Roy Cooke Roycooke sympatico. If I installed two 50 gallon tanks in parallel, during times of low usage could I not turn off the water to one and just let the pilot burn or turn off the gas as well.

You must keep the main water at F if not you will have a chance of building bacteria in the tank. Originally Posted by kwood. Here is temperature info about the survival of the legionella baterium, which can cause the legion or pontiac fever: Where there is a Will there is a Way!

The Correct Way to Install a Water Heater

Thank you for your comments. Need a home inspection in Georgia? Originally Posted by John Caraway. As a non-member I want to thank you all for allowing me to use this forum. BB code is On. Page 1 of 2. Find all posts by Greg D. Send a private message to David A. Find all posts by David A.

Resources How to install gas water heater How to install electric water heater Recirculating systems. Note about installing 2 gas water heaters. If current installation has 1 gas water heater, then venting and air requirements for 2 heaters is different. Illustration shows basic connection for water heaters on same vent. Both heaters can be connected to 1 vent, but the vent must meet specifications to meet BTU per hour operation, number of elbows, horizontal distances, vertical distances. New heaters cannot be installed in a dusty, dirty environment or the air intake screen can get clogged and cause FV failure.

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Two water heaters mean more air intake into house. The mechanical space might need a pass-thru vent fan to draw air from another part of house. The gas meter is rated for certain level of BTU consumption. Gas supply line that is designed for 1 heater will not supply enough gas for a second heater without running larger gas line..

How to Drain a Water Heater

Too much BTU draw by one heater or two heaters can starve other appliances. Call gas company for specifications, or refer to gas chart pdf. Low gas pressure can be tested using manometer, or more easily, observe other appliances. Some folks imagine that tankless with solve all issues of hot water. And there are applications where tankless is suitable substitute. But the same problems of vent, air supply, and gas supply also apply to installing tankless to replace tank-type heater. The tankless must quickly heat water as is passes in a pipe, consuming more fuel per gallon of heated water than tank-type heaters.

The tankless will fail to turn on if incoming cold water exceeds demand. This is especially true in winter. A floor drain is needed for acidic condensation that drips down from the vent line. Unlike tank-type heaters, the tankless cannot be repaired DIY, and local technician might not be qualified to repair your model. I do not recommend tankless. Full image High volume system. Two water heaters and circulating system Shows return line installation, aquastat thermostat on hot water line, and gallon heat pumps.

This illustration shows the drain vale used as entry point for both cold water and recirculated water. The advantage might be using the open cold water port to add second anode rod and extend life of tank, or at least extend the length of time between anode rod inspections. Grundfos circulating pumps Grundfos clip-on aquastats Resource: Larger image Super high volume system Storage tank and heat pump Purpose to increase storage capacity to meet high volume demand.

Typically, a gas water heater is used for high volume systems, and not heat pump. Storage tanks are available in gallon etc and rated for high temperature applications. Tankless will stall and quit heating when demand exceeds parameters of unit. Even 3 tankless heaters can stall. Heat pump supplies hot water that circulates into the storage tank. Storage tank thermostat controls circulating pump, so when water drops below set point inside storage tank, the heat pump replenishes the hot water. This strategy increases the amount of hot water available to meet high volume demand.

Advantages disadvantages mixing valve Plumbing for 2 water heaters and Storage tank pdf. Timer or zwave or wifi for gas water heater Can be installed on Honeywell gas control valves, and on mechanical valve as shown. Each water heater must have separate control if desired. Use ordinary hour timer as shown, or use programmable 7-day timer, or use wifi-zwave-Insteon house automation module.

Call local gas company Read label on side of each tank for BTU rating. Gas water heater timer at American Pacific Enter coupon code: Gas pipe chart Instructions for gas water heater timer Plug-in timers. Timer or zwave or wifi for electric water heater Each water heater can have different schedule Resources: Water heater timers EH40 water heater timer Zwave controller.

Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

One timer for 2 water heater Use 40 amp circuit breaker and 8 gauge wire from breaker box Use 8 gauge wire between timer terminals Use 8 gauge or smaller 10 gauge wire to each water heater Do not mix different gauge wires under same screw terminal or smaller gauge wire can come loose and become fire hazard. Resource How to wire GM40 series timers.

Electric Water Heater Installation

How to install water heater thermostats Add another thermostat to water heater How electric water heaters work. Where to connect wires going to second tank. Install upper thermostat in place of Lower thermostat This will give ECO protection to lower thermostat You want to heat tank 1 first How to install water heater thermostats How to wire water heater thermostats Convert volt water heater to volt Add another thermostat to water heater.

How to install water heater thermostats Add another thermostat to water heater. Add another thermostat to gas or electric water heater Control recirculating pump Control electric water heater with gas water heater Control solenoid valve to turn hot water ON Resource: There is no guaranteed way to test thermostats. If thermostat is sticking, then test includes rotating temperature knob which can temporarily unstick thermostat.

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  4. So bad thermostat appears to work correctly. To change V line into V line Move one hot wire to neutral busbar. If you want to convert volt water heater to volt, then element must be changed. On your water heater, you have the same thing. One will hook up to this one, one will hook up this one. Doesn't really matter which one you hook up to the other, because they're both hot wires and they're rated for a So, here we'll take the blacks and out them together, using just a standard wire nut.

    Put it on there and tighten it down. After we tighten we down, I'm going to go ahead and give it a little pull, just to make sure that both wires are securely fastened. Next, we'll go ahead and hook up the other one. Then, we have a ground. A ground is a solid copper wire that comes out of your sleeve and you hook it up to what's called a ground screw.

    The ground screws are usually green in color. Make sure that you get that wrapped around there. After that's done, I'll take the wires and tuck them back into the little cavity.

    How to Drain a Water Heater