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Identify Actors By Eyes. The Meteoric Rise To Stardom.

Adults Read Their Middle School Diaries

When Ned Fulmer started as an intern at BuzzFeed, he had no idea that he would end up as an internet sensation. Even before joining the BuzzFeed network, he had a YouTube channel where he posted a few videos, but they failed to garner much response from the audience. After joining BuzzFeed in , Ned rose up the ranks quickly to become a manager within a year. The four men came from completely different backgrounds with almost no experience of being on camera. Their first video where they try out ladies' underwear got a huge positive response from the audience, and the 'try guys' became popular instantaneously.

According to Ned Fulmer, their rule for choosing a topic for their videos is simple. If they are afraid to do something, that might be a good topic to pick up, unless it is evil or harmful.

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From drag racing to fighting UFC fighters, they have done it all. The group's biggest USP is that they are very open about cultures, identity and their bodies, which lets them explore a plethora of topics the world of internet provides. They are not shy to expose their vulnerabilities, which makes them relatable to their audience.

How BuzzFeed’s Eugene Lee Yang Became One of the Most Recognizable Faces on the Internet

Their videos can be funny in a weird way, but Fulmer and his group try to see their experiments as a teaching device to learn about different social structures, cultures and people. I never understood girls on this one. Asking where you are is one thing. You want a girl that can fend for herself. And sometimes that means making a decent meal. A girl who is constantly growing and progressing will keep things interesting to say the least.

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Realize that a life partner will keep you on your toes and will put pressure on you to be the best you can be. I definitely think men and women should be able to compete together on an equal playing field. Because Buzzfeed is oh so accurate. A lot of times I go to a comedy show, I sit there and wait for the comedian to run out of ideas and look at me and make an Asian joke. I tell my friends still, constantly, to shut up when they make Asian jokes. Now you get people who have this colorblind perspective, which is equally harmful.

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We tend to forget that our parents came here with nothing and worked hard for their success. Most of us are children of immigrants. There are a s—t ton of Asians who smoke pot. People think that everything comes down to old rich white men. We need more people who push for not only equality but diversification within diversity.

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We need Asian male romantic leads. We need Asian girls who are comedy leads. Right now is the first time in history where there is a rebuttal to a one-sided argument , and BuzzFeed is at the forefront of this wave, of young creatives being able to represent themselves in the way without fear of repercussion that could be violent. Most Asian Americans, like myself, as a child, did not see either supply or demand of Asians on television.

The great thing about the proliferation of K-pop is that it puts Asian faces out there.