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You're lucky, normally this flight is jammed. I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I have to say, I'd be flattered if someone got on a plane to be with me. Yeah, I mean what can be more romantic than that?

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You know, it's a little awkward trying to talk like this. Is that seat taken? No, come sit here, please. And this is my husband, David.

05x01 - Frasier's Imaginary Friend

David looks displeased to say the least]. I forgot to order my kosher meal. It was lovely meeting you both. He takes the window seat, thanking the stewardess. He picks up a copy of the in-flight magazine as another woman, Kelly, is directed to a seat on his row]. Oh, thank God the flight's late, I was sure I'd missed it.

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Frasier keeps looking over at her and seems to be comparing her to somebody in the magazine]. Amazing what they can do with make- up and lighting. Yes, it is amazing. Your voice sounds really familiar. Frasier Crane from the radio. No, actually, I only model part-time these days. I'm in a PhD department with the University of Washington.

Frasier (season 5)

That's why I'm going to Mexico, to observe the spiny cald iguana. This is the part where I normally wake up. However the camera pulls back to show him in bed in Acapulco with Kelly Easterbrook in his arms. He kisses her forehead and goes back to sleep with pride]. I know what you're thinking. Last night, walking along the beach when we kicked off our shoes and looked up at the amazing blanket of stars Actually, I was remembering when that iguana ran across my foot and you jumped into my arms. You're really quite strong.

I am a supermodel! So, Frasier, any chance you'd be interested in seeing more of me? Actually, there's one thing I should mention. It's a little awkward. Well, I'm in the process of breaking up with someone; he plays for the Seahawks and we're always in the public eye, these things have a way of getting out.

I'd appreciate it if just for now you didn't tell anyone about you and me. What happened between us will never leave this room. Bulldog is getting some food out of the machine as Roz comes to him]. Have you seen Frasier? What, he's not back from the airport yet?

That's a lot of cheese and crackers, you're going to eat all those?

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Don't be stupid, I'm having people over tonight. Impulsive, I got your message. You know, south of the border. Oh, yeah, right, you wanted to hear that Acapulco Philharmonic!

So, doc', did you get any? That is none of your business! Ah, well, better luck next time. Did it ever occur to you that I'm merely being discreet? That I actually did meet a woman, I just don't care to broadcast it?

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You know, frankly, I don't have time for this nonsense. What I did or did not do on my vacation is none of your concern. Hey, wow, easy, I'll get it. Daphne is helping Martin with his exercises as Eddie watches]. All right, now, flip over, ten kicks on each side. Oh, Jeez, I hate this one. What does it do anyway? Nothing for you, but it does get a nice breeze going. Oh, he got in a while ago but jumped right in the shower. So we still have no idea why he went to Mexico?

Well, you heard the same message we did. He wanted to do something spur of the moment, so he jumped on a plane. That doesn't concern you? That's not exactly like him, to board a plane without reservations and luggage Oh, he probably just went down there to try to meet some women. I've seen this with my patients. They get so distressed over a series of failures, especially romantic ones, that they act out in bizarre ways.

Ah, is there anything more refreshing after a long flight than a hot soak in eucalyptus sauce and a snifter of warmed "Poir William"! Crane, we're all awfully eager to hear about your trip. Did you have a nice time? Did you meet any girls? Ah, well, you know me, dad, I'm not one to kiss and tell. Well, it'll all turn around for ya'. Why does everyone assume that it's impossible for me to meet a woman? No need to get mad, I'm on your side, I just feel bad for you. You know, frankly, I'm sick and tired of everyone's pity. The fact is I did meet a woman down there, a perfectly fabulous woman, we had an utterly romantic weekend.

Why didn't you just tell us that from the start? Well, I'm not at liberty to discuss it. Oh, yes, that pesky Club Med oath of silence! She asked me to be discreet. You see, she's a rather famous supermodel and right now she's going through a break- up with a star football player on the Seahawks. Didn't want any publicity, so you see, before I identify her to you, I have to ask you not to ever to repeat this to anyone. I'd urge you to do the same.