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I blew the first opprtunity I had with her and was lucky to get a second chance so I don't want to just throw that away. We haven't been dating for very long, but it's been going far better than I had expected it to, which is why I don't want to just walk away.

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I know that there are plenty of other women out there, but it's rare for me to meet one that interests me the way this woman has. It's one thing to try to pursue a relationship with someone and have it not work out.

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I can live with that. But ending something because the other person has a mental illness I guess that bothers me cause it feels like I'm not being open minded and I'm prejudging this person based on how others with the same illness behave. Should I pursue this and just see what happens? Or should I walk away now before I get too emotionally invested? For folks who have dated someone bipolar, can you tell me what your experience was like? Does it matter that I have a more even-keeled personality?

Is this relationship doomed from the start and am I being naive in thinking I can deal with the issues that'll come up? Originally Posted by DennyCrane. Think of it this way: Is she the same person she was before you were made aware of her disorder? If yes, proceed as you were.

Don't stigmatize her now just because you know based on assumptions. If no, then she would have changed regardless of whether or not you were aware of the disorder. Don't waste her time. If you know you want to bail with your tail between your legs, then let her know directly, the same way she had the courage to tell you something she knew might make you scared and judgmental. Be prepaired to deal with a lot of random "issues" You are either ok with it or you are not There is no in between.

This is what you should know before dating someone with bipolar disorder

You'll probably have to wait for a manic episode and the ensuing depression before you may be able to make a full evaluation. Many of the people on many manic forums are in pretty bad condition and it may not useful to use their information as a way of evaluating her. You really ought to go in, together, and talk with the MD who is handling her medication and, if she has one, her psychologist. Originally Posted by funymann.

You don't know her. She doesn't know herself. Things could be smooth and then she wants to cut you with a knife and then cuddle afterwards.

Trust me, I know this subject VERY well and if you can leave this relationship without getting your car keyed or your apartment ransacked then go. The further into this relationship the more dangerous and unpredictable. Last edited by skywalker; at Simple answer - no I wouldn't and I recommend you do not as well. Complex answer - living with people that have a mental illness sucks. You have someone on your hands that is in the great minority as she has been professionally diagnosed with this issue.

Stay good friends with her but keep things casual as 1 her saying that the medications she just got on work has Zero Merit - people with mental illness suck at self diagnosing and even self-regulating prescriptions. She has problems enough that she "recently" went and got diagnosed with this illness. She thus has problems she is working to resolve. I'm all about love and compassion which is why I would have solid medical and alternative-medicine-related recommendations for her if it was her post I read.

The 5 Stages Of Dating With Bipolar Disorder

I primarily have compassion for the OP in this situation, however, as he deserves to have compassion and love for himself enough to not put himself in a tortuous situation. I repeat, being with someone that has a mental illness sucks To do it voluntarily knowing at the outset it exists but without being prepared sucks even more. When the dark days or manic days do knock on my door, I come up with every excuse in the book to avoid contact with my partner until it passes.

So I can maintain that surreal cocoon of happiness. I have actually been accused more than once of cheating, because of this habit of mine.

What you should know before dating someone with bipolar disorder | Metro News

To hide out during the storm. This accusation in particular just guts me. So why bother dating a bipolar human at all? What benefit could possibly come from this dynamic? I can tell you, while I may be a challenging partner at some intervals, I think my abnormal brain makes me pretty cool. You will rarely, if ever, meet someone as uniquely creative and artistic as a bipolar person. We feel things very deeply, we are incredibly passionate, and looking for ways to lighten the emotional load inspires some pretty amazing art.

You will never receive a more compelling love letter than from a bipolar partner.

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  • We do have periods of feeling ‘normal’.
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We are spontaneous as hell, but usually very tidy and orderly. For me, keeping things in order externally helps me keep things in check internally. When we laugh, we laugh hard. You will never be bored dating a bipolar person. Just know, we are a pretty awesome group of talented people. We will also usually knock your socks off in bed. I think that passionate side can be a huge asset. I understand not everyone chooses to treat their illness, and of those who do, there are many different medications and alternative treatments out there.

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