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You just have to hope they are being honest.

How to spot online dating liars

Never date a pathological liar, because the best ones will make you feel like you are crazy. They will know exactly what to say to make you question your own memory. They will be able to shift and twist every scenario to make it seem like they are completely innocent.

Like you are the one in the wrong for accusing them of anything. Even during the rare instances when you catch them doing something they cannot talk themselves out of, they will find a way to place the blame on you.

The Two Types of Liars

They will be able to spin the focus of every problem toward you to make the mistake look like your fault. You found porn on their laptop? Never date a pathological liar, because they never think they are in the wrong.

They act like they are innocent, even after they have been caught red handed. Sometimes, their lies will be so intricate that you will not be able to see them. These are the types of people to avoid when dating and in life.

1. They reference God

And your must-have list must be reasonable, logical, and include things that you should look for in a person that would be of substance. Things that should be on your must-have list should be qualities that will build a solid and strong foundation for a healthy and happy relationship.

I Dated a Pathological Liar.

Honesty should definitely be one on the must have list. Many times, people will see the good in others, overlook the bad, and possibly even sweep things under the rug. You need to give a situation a genuine chance by having an open heart, an open mind, and by genuinely giving someone a clean slate. Communication is one of those must have things that you should look for with another person. Open communication is something that you should always try to develop early on when dating.

You should evolve into best friends with time and open communication. This is truly one of the best ways to build substance in your relationship. But you see, there are good and bad ways of communicating with someone. You need to approach conversations in a loving manner and with kindness.

The Two Types of Liars

You can have the same strong opinion heard and understood by a person if you communicate it in a kind manner, with love, respect, and with poise. This is something that many of us struggle with when communicating to someone. The six-footer If your date claims to be six-feet tall, I have some bad news: Why, just say you are — everyone else will fall into line and believe you.

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Quite how anyone expects to explain this to your date when you arrive and come up to their elbows is another matter entirely, but people still give it a go. In short pardon the pun , nobody is as tall or as short as they say. A couple of drinks in the local should suffice. The guy who tells you he can get you into certain clubs or chichi restaurants may well be telling the truth, but he is essentially trying to buy you for the night.

And he probably does it every weekend. With a different one every time. First dates like this rarely make it to a sequel. And they never, ever, ever have as much money as they say they do. Especially on a first date.