Her eyes roamed his body from his chest and back to his ass and legs. She blushed when he turned giving her a great view of his 6 inch member 'damn…. Wait he is only 13… oh man how big will it get when he is a man? She quickly hid back as she watched him subconsciously licking her lips before she shook her head.

She trained to clear her thoughts but frowned when Naruto started to get dressed again after getting his body clean. She chose to come out once his pants were on and surprise him. Temari blushed looking at him "Naruto…. I was wondering what you would like to eat and also to take you close shopping to get you some civilian attire "she said looking at him with a pink hue on her cheeks. Naruto looked to Temari and smiled softly at her. He enjoyed her company a lot and was glad she did not hit him over the head a lot like Sakura did. He never understood why she did it and why she treated him so bad.

But here away and with Temari, he was started to see a new girl that might like him;. He frowned for a moment before he turned away thinking.

He could not betray Sakura and Temari probably did not like him anyway. He paused for a moment looked to her and noticed her pink cheeks. He remembered another girl doing the same before the wheels in his head started to turn "Pervy Sage said that girls blush either when they are sick, drunk or in love… and you can tell by the shade and how the act…. Does Temari like me? Naruto smiled kindly at her before he nodded "sure" he said before he walked over to her "Hey how about some of that dango stuff you keep talking about?

He smiled as Temari giggled telling him it was only a stack time food like Ramen. Naruto had learned that despite his love for Ramen it was not the best food to eat and he needed more in his diet.

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So after leaving with Temari, Gaara and Kankruo he had started to eat healthier though he did not like a lot of the vegetables. Naruto enjoyed staying with them and he loved to make fun of Kankuro for wearing what he thought was Temari's makeup. It really pissed him off but man it was funny to see the look on his face.

A Wager of Love Chapter 1: A Request from a Friend, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Naruto walked with Temari towards the clothing shop and pouted as she looked through the men's clothing to see what would look good on him. As Temari searched she had picked some cloths that would show off his hot body just for her own pleasure. She blushed lightly as she thought about it before she shook her head.

She had to clear her thoughts before she looked to him and smirked.

She mused as she started to grabbed clothing thought would complement his body before she walked over. She tilted her head and waited for him to come out while she looked for more things for him to try on. She paused as she heard footsteps before she turned to look and blushed seeing Naruto dressed in a sleeveless muscle shirt and white jeans. She had to admit he looked good dressed like that. She smiled at him as she walked towards him "not bad not bad… we just need to… AGH!

Temari groaned softly as she opened her eyes to meet Naruto's deep sea blue eyes.

She could not help but feel mesmerized as she looked deep into them. Temari blushed lightly before she smirked at him " Hey Naruto… mind if we stop by my house real quick? Naruto blushed lightly before he nodded " um yeah sure" he said. Naruto helped her up and smiled before he walked with her to her house not knowing what was going to happen to him. Once they got to Temari's place, Temari had Naruto wait on the couch before she walked out of the room.

She came back a few minutes later with a smirk on her face. Naqruto looked over and suddenly felt his pants get tight and his jaw dropping. He looked at the blonde before him as she wore nothing but her fishnets. He could see everything from her C cup breast to her smooth stomach and her long tone legs.

Naruto gulped as Temari walked towards him with a smirk swaying her hips before she sat in his lap and kissed his lips. Temari was blushing as she could not keep going. She had to stop as she remembered what happened that night.

She was fucked stupid and could not walked straight for a week. Sadly after dating Naruto for 7 months they realized their love life was nothing but sex and no love. So they broke it off though Temari still missed the sex. Temari looked up and noticed the girls glaring at her.

She rubbed her head " anyway… um …. Hinata was just looking at her before she walked out which caused Temari to feel bad for the girl. She sighed and looked at the others " look we decided not to tell our current lovers cause we thought it would be better this way. But just me I no longer have feeling for him" she said. The other girls just stared at her. I'd rather marry my ramen then be with you!

He burst back out of the building slamming the door behind him.

Too bad, Naruto was probably going to eat his bride before the wedding Now back to the girls. Our second girl is Sakura Haruno. Wait, she likes Sasuke doesn't she? God what is every body doing cheating on someone? The camera turned to Sakura who looked a little pissed off. Someone in the audience responded. Yup, you got it. It was the famous Sasuke Uchiha.

He has sitting with his hands folded infront of his face.

He looked pissed too. Sakura simply gave him the finger and turned away. Isn't that right football field forehead? I guess we got some rivals. Sam, Kankuro, and I will be asking the girls questions. At the end of the show, based on their replies, Gaara will have to pick one to go on a date with. I don't even want to do this.

All they are gonna do is call me a freak and walk away. They are nerds from the leaf village. Now let me go before I crush this building with everyone inside of it!

FANFIC: Naruto x Temari Capítulo 25

This will get much better in chapter two so keep reading! Poor Naruto, I know he will eat his bride before they get married. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. He stopped and took one of his fathers special kunai he got along with his revealed legacy. He looked at the kunai, deep down he knew it would be for the best.