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I am massage therapist. Can i date my client.? | Yahoo Answers

After the second and third readings, however, I got into the complexities of the issue and the potential repercussions of similar circumstances for the rest of us. Yes, there is an issue raised about legitimate regulation, but there also are issues of good practice management, common sense in dating choices and social interactions, and the importance of being aware of boundaries. If you are able to access the article, I think you'll agree that no one is contesting the illegality of the actions of the massage therapist, but rather discussing the mitigating circumstances and the advisability of the regulation in the first place.

The therapist was questioned by the state on small gifts exchanged between her and her client. The state indicated the gifts represented further "boundary issues," and contends that taking tips is unethical because of "transference," a process in which trust in the practitioner leads to increased reliance and vulnerability. I found this quite interesting. In my own practice, I don't encourage tipping I suggest clients put the money toward coming in more often so we both benefit , but I honestly can say I never felt unethical accepting a gratuity if the client felt like providing one.

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When trying to expand my understanding of the issues raised, I did a Web search of "sex with clients" and found that almost all of the hits involved attorneys having sex with clients! I was expecting a raft of information on psychologists and social workers and medical practitioners, but if Web articles are a measure of the size of a problem, lawyers are the front-runners. In actuality, many of the comments about this situation made distinctions between the various professionals in client relationships, but my thought is that it's the similarities that are more striking for purposes of this issue.

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  2. Drawing A Line—Defining Boundaries | Massage Therapy Journal — American Massage Therapy Association;
  3. I am massage therapist. Can i date my client.?.
  4. Because the client invests the massage therapist with a great deal of power and authority, the massage therapist has a unique ability to influence the client and a corresponding responsibility to refrain from any action that would harm the client. The power imbalance and confidence given to the massage therapist as a professional might extend to confidence in the massage therapist as a person as well.

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    It's this vulnerability of the client and corresponding power imbalance that necessitates a clear approach to the issue of professional-client sex. In my mind, the "cooling off" periods of time after breaking off a therapeutic relationship should not govern a therapist's private sexual relationships.

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    It governs whom the therapist can see professionally. Therapists who wish to pursue a sexual relationship with a client can refer the client to another therapist or postpone the personal relationship until the professional relationship is completed. As further example of this, in the same state as the cited massage therapist, physicians and nurses not involved in psychotherapy have no specific time limits for relationships with former patients, but physicians must discuss ramifications and cease treatment.

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    4. It would seem unnecessary that massage therapists would have stricter rules. In the many blogs and chat groups picking up this story, some of the more clever comments that caught my eye are:. And perhaps my favorite of all: So, I have no answers here, but lots of rhetorical questions: Where should the line be drawn between ethics and regulation?

      “Should I Ask Out My Hot Massage Therapist?”

      Are there "circumstantial" ethics? My bottom line here is to remember the importance of good boundaries, and to make sure you know the applicable laws in your practice area. Professional association membership and a recurring study of professional ethics as continuing education can go a long way to avoiding needless legal complications. Massage Today encourages letters to the editor to discuss matters related to the publication's content. Letters may be published in a future issue or online.

      Please send all correspondence by e-mail to clifflmt mpamedia. Believe me, I hide my feeling. I guess she would not notice my feeling at all.

      Drawing A Line—Defining Boundaries for Massage Therapists

      I practiced more than 3years and I never had these kind of issue or those feeling to any of my I practiced more than 3years and I never had these kind of issue or those feeling to any of my clients. I know that dating with client is not ethical but I am a person. I do not know really. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? You tell her you like her, but you understand that's not something you can pursue as her massage therapist and that it may be uncomfortable for her to continue seeing you if she's not interested, so you encourage her to find a different masseur.

      Or you keep it to yourself. Do not date your client. That would be highly unethical and you could get sued or your license yanked. The reasons that someone chooses the massage profession where they take on the role of the expert or person of power are usually filled with deeper agendas that are usually unconscious.


      Counter-transfence is what usually brings many to the massage profession. They want to find a job that they are more appreciated in, that they can find more meaning in and help caretake others. Feeling like you need to always have results or you are not doing a good job can be a sign of counter-transference along with these other things:.

      Transference and Counter-transference are a natural part of the helping relationship. It is important to become aware of both sides of the dynamics of transference and counter-transference and learn to get your needs for appreciation, attention, to be needed and nurturing met outside of your massage practice. As a massage therapist we can best serve clients by becoming more aware of ourselves and our own counter-transference issues which will allow us to stay more present with clients.

      In doing so we can serve their needs better as our own are taken out of the picture and met in our personal life rather than in our practice. Peer Supervision is the best way to get in touch with this other part of being a massage therapist. Group or individual sessions are necessary to help become aware of these issues and it is also a place where the massage therapist can get their needs for appreciation and other needs met.

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