We went out again last night and had such a nice conversation. I thought maybe he just wanted to catch up on old times but he asked if we could start seeing each other.

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We are going out today with the same group of friends to watch the NFL championship games. I like the fact that I already know his parents and his mine and he already told them we went out. Actually yes and he is my 2nd time Fiance for those same reasons. We were madly in love and young and given our lives were not with the same goals at the time, we took a break to give us time to grow.

We each moved on and had other relationships but knew it just wasnt right, yet life kept on.

The Reality Of Dating Your High School Sweetheart

There was no mistaking he was and has always been the love of my life. Now 17 years later, we are engaged with a beautiful family. He was my prom date and we still look back and laugh at those pictures, years later. I say take it slow and just enjoy the process.

Feel free to PM me anytime. Wish you both the best. Sounds like your off to a great start. I have a similar story I knew my Darling Husband when we were in our late teens early 20s we never dated but hung out in a group. We both really liked each other but we never got romantic and then I moved away for work after college. He like me was going through a divorce and neither of us was looking for anyone but the years fell away, I moved back permanently and we got engaged and married as soon as our divorces were final.

Best decision I ever made. Best of luck bee, keep us updated. Both your stories are so sweet! There was a guy I was friends with in high school. We liked each other, but never dated. Fast forward 4 years and we meet up again and decide to give it a try. Actually it was kind of a disater.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

I actually went to his wedding last year. It sounds like you guys are having fun together. Take each day as it comes and see where it goes. I hope things go well for you guys. The most challenging part of getting back together with high school flames is that you change so much after high school. Take things slow and treat this like a new relationship because it actually kind of is.

Also since he went to the Air Force Academy is he military? He told her he didn't love her any more and she ran off, crying.

Did the Love Last for These High School Sweethearts? - In Love or Not

Watching her go, he knew he'd made a mistake. He called her home a few times, but she wouldn't come to the phone. But Hal just figured she hated him and he stopped calling. Fifteen years later, Sharon and Hal showed up together at their high school reunion. Their friends were delighted to see them reunited, she says.

Hal had gotten in touch with Sharon in the first place through e-mail. He was living in Park City and found her e-mail address through a simple Internet search. He e-mailed her because he wanted to attend the upcoming reunion, he says, and he didn't want to feel awkward when he saw her. He wrote that he knew she was married and had kids but he didn't know how many. She responded in a light and friendly manner, although later she told him she was so happy to hear from him that she could barely concentrate on work for the rest of the day.

They e-mailed each other several times, and Sharon didn't tell him she was in the process of divorce. She did, however, ask him if he would ever marry a woman who already had children. At this point, as Hal recalls, the e-mails kind of dried up, and he didn't think much about it.

Eventually he got another e-mail. Sharon told him not to be surprised when she came to the reunion without her husband, because, in fact, they were divorcing. Suddenly, Hal felt a crazy surge of hope. As she recalls it, she didn't hear from him again for a while. He was busy getting in touch with friends in Logan to check out her situation.

And then, one evening, he called. When they heard each other's voices, 15 years disappeared, and they felt like teenagers again.

Together again: High school sweethearts break up, reunite years later

They talked for 10 hours. They talked all night until they had to hang up to get ready for work. Sharon and Hal Hislop will celebrate their second wedding anniversary tomorrow. When they recall the all-night phone conversation, they still sound amazed. They are amazed at the way their love came flooding back. The Hislops may be surprised by the phenomenon, but the experts are not.

Why People Who Marry Their High School Sweetheart End Up The Happiest | Thought Catalog

There are at least two books and several Web sites devoted to reunited romances. In fact, Sharon did tell their story on one of the Web sites. Her mother had seen Donna Hanover interviewed on television and told Sharon about the site.

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So Sharon wrote in. As a result, the Hislops are mentioned in the introduction when the paperback edition of Hanover's book came out. Hanover decided to do her book after she married Ed Ostler, her own high school sweetheart. She titled her book, "My Boyfriend's Back: Or, if you are graduating post-secondary and find you want to go to different places, this can cause problems too.

If you truly love each other, you can make it work by staying in contact with one another. I strongly believe that there is always a way to make things work, but both partners need to be able to compromise to find common ground where both can be happy. Being with someone that you have got to experience so many parts of your life with is absolutely amazing. It can be tough, but being with your high school sweetheart means that you got to experience a lot of firsts together.

You experienced high school together, you experienced the troubles of post-secondary school together, whether you were at the same university or not, you have been able to share your life with someone for so long that you may know them more than you even know yourself, and you got to relearn things about them when you both grew and experienced change in your lives. Overall, you grew together , even if you grew into different people, you learned how to make things work and how to stay compatible, and these are signs of a really strong relationship.