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And make sure to get your friend to give you an update if theres something wrong. It's natural to like someone. But it's not a problem. One can easily solve this by using these rules;. Well I think if you like your best friend's brother. Then First of all you should consult your best friend, you should tell him honestly that how much you like her brother. If she agrees to help you with it then it will be really easy for you to talk to her brother. If you will tell her honestly then your friendship will not be affected and I think that your friend will appreciate it.

In other case if your friend don't agrees to help you then you have two options:. Do what your heart says, be selfish talk to yourself and ask what you want. If you really like him then you should do something about it.

Everybody has the right to be happy. Ask New Question Sign In. I think I like my best friend's brother. Have you done the 10k year challenge? Advance through the ages of human history and into the future in this award-winning city building game. Play Now at forgeofempires. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

I think I like my best friend's brother. Can anyone help? - Quora

Answered Sep 25, I would let it go. I mean, unless you are sure your relationship will end in marriage, and judging by your ages, I highly doubt it, then I would let it go. If she's your best friend, then don't worry, he's not going anywhere. Maybe one day in the future you will have the opportunity to pursue your emotions, but until then, keep it to yourself.

My brother and I have struggled with this exact issue on numerous occasions. We are both attractive, and good-hearted people so it was only expected that our friends would find the other sibling of possible interest.

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Let me just say this, it never ended well. To mention a few In high school, I dated two of my brothers friends. One was my first kiss, and my first real boyfriend. In the end, my brother stopped being friends with him. Years after high school, they reconnected and just the sound of his name was enough to make the whole house uncomfortable.

Another friend, well, the same thing. They stopped being friends immediately, and the two of them never reconnected. It came to the point where my brother became very jealous and stopped inviting his friends over. My lesson was learned, and I never messed with his friends ever again. Now when I see him bring an attractive friend over, I just let my heart melt and keep it to myself.

I had a friend who was madly in love with my brother. She would even come over "looking for me" knowing my car wasn't even in the driveway.

Adventures of Dating My Best Friend’s Brother

If he start to get curious about you personally that means that his attraction towards you is more than anything platonic. In his case, he actually really likes it. Greeting you with a smile means that he really notice you and secretely hopes that you notice him too.

All the Feels

Asking for your contacts whether it is social media or phone number, is a sign that he really wants to establish a great relationship with you. This is an excuse for him to see you more often. Making small talks can actually lead to something because this is the start to any good conversation. He suddenly says the Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl Crush because he knows it will make you smile and he just really like you. What would we do without technology!?

For me, this scenario ended up working out beautifully.


The transition from Best Friend to Sister-in-Law has been a fairly easy one actually, but we all made a special effort to talk and handle the situation with maturity and respect. Jenn, we feel the same about you. Skip to content The Adventure Gets Weirder For those of you following my blog, last week I wrote about dating my roommate.

We look like babies! All the Feels In the beginning, there were many discussions about feelings.

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