41 Dating Web Designs for this project

South Korea leads with Since the start of , mobile has surpassed desktop use and steadily remains so. Tablet penetration has risen slowly over the past couple of years.

Dating site for serious relantionships

While web page features such as plug-ins, pop-ups, and streaming video may help convey your message, they hinder the page load time. As the following charts show, a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load runs a high risk of abandonment. In terms of web browsers used, Google Chrome continues to thrive.

According to the latest numbers, it is more than 4 times as popular as its next closest competitor Firefox. People between are the most likely to purchase a product online, while only a little more than half will research the product beforehand. Think reviews are important?

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When it comes to online purchasing, people purchase more on desktop than they do on tablet or smart-phones. Business to Consumer sales B2C have steadily increased over the years. In terms of U. Currently, mobile users spend double the time in apps as they do on mobile web pages. In future years, this gap is expected to grow even wider.

41 Dating Web Designs

Global Marketing Group — DateDev. Com is the ideal partner and vendor to help your business create an Internet presence that will enhance its equity, foster a one-to-one relationship with its clients, and lays the groundwork for more effective communication with its vendors, suppliers and investors. Possible keywords used to find us: We take your idea for a niche dating site or universal dating site and put it online. We build dating sites. Check out our special offers. We are always looking for sales, marketing and php programmers who know the inner working of dating sites and social network developments and can think outside the box.

Think in terms of quality, not just cost. Are you ready to fall in love with your website?

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Does the designer have a certain signature style that is always similar, or do they have a lot of flexibility in their design? Which parts of each site did the provider do e. Find out exactly how the web designer bills.

Do you charge a deposit upfront, and if so, how much? How do you estimate your fees—hourly? Excellent designer with a great eye for detail.

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I will gladly work with him again. Finalist - Sufyan Tariq. He made sure that he addressed every request and that the site met our requirements. How info FyG started their web page design journey Who are you known as? Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach dating for serious relantionships.

What industry do you think your business is most related to?

Create a modern attractive design for a dating comparison site | Web page design contest

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the web page? Page descriptions index page homepage after login search results with search filters or search parameters selected profile. Other notes the website will be responsive.

How daveat2003uk1 started their web page design journey

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