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Even with the same power amplifier, the lower the impedance ohms of the speaker that is connected, the greater the number of watts output by the power amplifier.

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A maximum of W output from each speaker L-R can be achieved when connecting 8-ohm speakers to the PS power amplifier, and a maximum of W output from each speaker L-R when connecting 4-ohm speakers. Almost all PA speakers can be easily connected to each other to expand the speaker setup.

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This kind of connection is called "parallel connection". When two speakers with the same impedance are connected in parallel, the total impedance is reduced by half. Therefore, the wattage output of a power amplifier which is connected to 8-ohm speakers in parallel will be the same as if a 4-ohm speaker was connected. For example, if 8-ohm CBR10 speakers are connected in parallel, the impedance will be 4 ohms; and if these speakers are used with the PS, the output will be W.

Almost all stand-alone power amplifiers feature stereo specs. However, if an amplifier is connected in bridged BTL: Balanced Transformer Less mode, it can be used as a single monaural amplifier. The output wattage will change in this mode.

How to Hook Up a Mixer to Built-In Amplifier Speakers

When bridged and used in monaural mode, the single PGM output will be appropriate for a W speaker at 8 ohms. Amplifiers are often used in bridged mode to power large sub-woofer speakers. Professional Audio Toggle navigation. One common cure is to raise the PA speakers; it can make a world of difference in what your audience hears.

But if budget and van space are at a premium, skip them for now. Otherwise, add them as needed and as budget allows.

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We hope this installment gets you on your way to purchasing the right PA speakers for your needs, and setting them up properly in your rehearsal space or on-stage. Stay tuned for upcoming parts of the series that will further explore advanced mixer settings, and pro tips for getting better live stage sound. Until then, be sure to check out the entire range of Yamaha live sound products here and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. I have this PA package.

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How exactly do I connect powered subs properly and what settings do I use to get most of the lows coming from them? It will take some experimenting to find what settings work best for your needs.

Tutorial - Hooking up a powered speaker sound system

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