Aries and Gemini Nature and Nuances:

Get an online astrology reading for more insights! Aries is often described as the knight in shining armor type, and this designation certainly fits.

Aries and Gemini compatibility

He ranks at the top for the romantic signs and outputs his fair share of passion to boot. Gemini women match the passion and explorative personality of Aries men. Love comes very easily for the pair, often budding right from a close friendship. Gemini's versatility allows her to bond with nearly anyone but is it is the stable reliability of the ram that draws her in. Even with their conflicts, her ability to talk things out and Aries' determination not to fail usually ends up smoothing everything over.

Aries and Gemini: How the Two Attract and Repulse Each Other | PairedLife

Even at his worst, the aggressiveness of an easily-angered Aries man doesn't dampen her spirits. As she is in a constantly changing state, she will simply take note of what provoked it and avoid doing it in the future. As long as Aries provides her with the constant excitement she needs, there is little cause for worry.

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In a relationship, she is the brains while he is the brawn, and this definitely includes sexual encounters. As she loathes boring routine, she will have no shortage of ideas to try to keep the sex life spicy. While Aries men are not pleasers in the traditional sense, he considers keeping his mate intimately satisfied a personal challenge.

Gemini and Aries Compatibility

Like all challenges, he attacks it with a ram's vigor, eliminating the likelihood of sex being dull and uninteresting. Gemini and Aries hold a lot of passion for each other and with what he lacks in communication, he more than makes up for in the physical part of the relationship.

Romantic surprises from an Aries man will keep any Gemini woman happy as she receives the subtle affection and focus she loves most. Aries men are hard-working leaders in business just as much as they are in pleasure. They don't believe in laziness and will not accept it from those working beneath them.

Aries Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

As managers, they are not the most patient men and can be harsh with discipline for those who fail to reach goals consistently. As co-workers, you can always expect them to complete their fair share, or more, and work in focused silence. For the Gemini man and Aries woman, compatibility means being able to argue. Remember, Gemini is an air sign, and the Gemini man loves to talk, discuss, debate and chew over everything and anything.

Aries Woman Gemini Man Compatibility

The Aries woman likes to argue and debate too, but with one crucial difference — she has to win, at all costs. The Aries woman is a very direct and forthright person. Once she makes up her mind, she sees her chosen course of action through to the bitter end.

Aries and Gemini: How the Two Attract and Repulse Each Other

Her Gemini man, on the other hand, has no qualms at all about changing his mind half way through the game. Gemini man Aries woman compatibility needs flexibility and understanding on both sides. The Gemini man loves sex, but in a light-hearted almost humorous way. Gemini man Aries woman compatibility is at its worst when the playful Gemini guy deliberately winds up his volatile Aries woman. If this couple set their sights on a goal, they are sure to reach it. For the Gemini man and Aries woman, compatibility is tricky.

Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! Your email address will not be published. Gemini Man and Aries Woman. Both Aries and Gemini have tons of energy as well as common goals. Gemini is a thinker and a talker, prizes intellectual stimulation and freedom and loves to look at all sides of an argument.

While Gemini can be wishy-washy, Aries is straightforward and decisive; this is a great combination, but it is essential that Aries allows Gemini intellectual space. These Planets represent Passion and Communication, respectively. Because of their different approaches, Aries and Gemini work great in tandem — they get their points across in different ways, but they definitely get those points across. Fevered debates will either spice up this union — or ruin it. Aries needs to understand that Gemini loves a good, fiery argument, not to insult or dominate their challenger but as a great brain workout.

Air fuels Fire and makes it spread, making this a great combination. The combination of true, driving passion and intellectual prowess makes just about anything possible for these two.

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