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I play my Wii U on my PC monitor.

How to Connect a Super Nintendo to the TV

Sorry for reviving the old thread, but I thought I should say this. It's not even touching the computer. The answer is YES. Of course you can!

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But just because it's plugged into your monitor, don't expect your mouse and keyboard to be detected by the console. Thinking that would just be silly I have a similar question but my monitor isnt avle to output audio.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips If the cartridge slot is already pressed down and you need to get a game in, press down on the black surface inside the slot and it will pop up again. If the system still refuses to cooperate the game may need to be cleaned. If you are playing a Zapper game Ex.

Shoot away from the TV to select a game mode and shoot at it to select.

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Make sure the cartridge is snug inside the slot. If you get a flickering screen, turn the NES off, re-orientate the cartridge moving it a bit to the right helps sometimes ,turn the system on again. If there's still a problem remove the cartridge and put it back in again. Also try seeing "How to make a NES game work again"if you are having trouble starting up.

How to hook up a Super Nintendo to your Television using AV cables or a RF switch box

Some NES models don't work when you push the cartridge down. If this happens, push the cartridge in instead and you're ready to play! Warnings Never, EVER blow into the games or the system if you get a blinking or glitch screen at start-up.

Can you plug the Mini Classic NES to your computer? - Nintendo Fan Club - GameSpot

The moisture in your breath will cause the electrical contacts to corrode. Instead, dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and swab the contacts with it, then use the other side to dry them off.

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You don't need this modern update of Nintendo's classic NES. Here's how to make games on your old console look good on a modern TV. Want a zero-hassle way to relive your youth?

They only come with a few dozen games though, so if you have a vast collection buried in your closet, you might be tempted to pull out your old retro systems instead. They look and play terribly on modern TVs.


And thankfully, you can do a few things to make them look great on modern TVs, from tweaking the settings to buying a dedicated video upscaler. Here are your options. So how should you connect your console to your television?