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I often think of how much I enjoyed the thirty years with my sweetheart, a man who was sixty when I met him. Ninety when he passed.

Dating past 40

I thought of him today when a girl named Julie asked: The problem is that I can't get past the fact that I am not attracted to them. How can I be intimate with someone I am not attracted to? Especially for a long period of time LOVE is not possible with someone you do not love, especially if they're hungry for your love, needy.

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Grabbing you all the time. Not to worry though. Your own heart can do a and surprise you.. You can date a dozen different rich men, ages 50 to 60 and believe me, the day will come when one of these guys shows up as exceptional, so bright, so aware of your interests, so keenly pleased by how soulular you are that he starts to click with you. You actually can't wait to see him again. It's like you push some button in your own heart and he feels it and he lights up.

He's been places, it's not just class, elegance, smartness, brains and money, no it's savvy, kindness, charm. He's aged in the cask. Those people have depth and smoothness that young boys do not have, especially pretty boys don't have it. With an older man, what happens is, the fact that you two think so much alike that eventually his face seem so-- well, like those FACES on the mountain: EVEN a much older man.

30 year old dating 91 year old

He was smart enough to take me out to lunch three dates in a row. I don't know if he was smart enough to be cautious to give me time, or if he was giving himself time, but by the third date I felt real affection. So give yourself a few lunch dates because daytime is conducive to trust and friendship CAN turn to love.

It's important to give friendship free rein. But don't panic with dating.

Date at lunchtime and never give 'pay for dinner' free samples to guys you aren't in love with. And no free dessert to even young, hot guys because that is the dessert that turns on you! Instantly you will be hooked on some junior grade shnook cuz he was pretty and made bells go off! Most of them, anyway. I suppose I could do a web search, but PENolan, I'd much rather wait for your answer ;-D I'm laughing so hard at this post and its responses that I'm dangerously close to peeing myself, and my glasses keep flinging themselves off my face.

I'm also dangerously close to being an Old Fart. There's an Old Fart who's the love of my life We met when he was 50 and I was nearly We utterly adore one another and we have been outrageously blessed. He comes home in his working clothes -- suit, fedora, the whole swanky works -- and before I've had a chance to look him over from head to foot, he's shucking off the threads and pulling on his sweats and undershirt. He's getting a belly; my bum is heading for the floor. So are my boobs, as of the last month or so.

Dating for us old farts in our 40's

Oh, well, Time is having its way with us Life goes on, doesn't it, and here are a couple of happy Old Farts-to-be sitting back and deciding to enjoy the ride. May we all be blessed with as much ease as Life is willing to give us Jaliya, I've been meaning to write an explanation of Bokonism for some time - and now I have a reason to do it.

God dess bless each and every one of us in our journey to fartdom. Who is telling me that I have become a dried up old hag? About half the men on Match. Men my own age and even older have set the upper end of their age parameters at about 45 years old. They aren't even looking to breed.

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Over half of them are divorced with kids of their own. The others have never been married and are Not Sure if they want kids.

Some of these guys are clearly delusional because they have not noticed their own beer guts and double chins - or maybe it's that pesky Double Standard rearing it's ugly head again. This trend is giving me an attitude. I removed profiles of men between 46 and 53 who live within five miles of my zip code because of the age issue.

Despite striking out on Match.

Exploring Beauty Challenge

Being a confirmed and committed Bokonist, I know that things happen the way they are supposed to happen. It may be that men are no longer coming along every five minutes like the bus - or maybe they do and I'm waiting on something more stylish and stimulating than a dang bus.

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  4. One thing is certain: I'm not getting stuck in a Viagramobile with an arrogant old fart. Posted by PENolan at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home. Exploring Beauty Challenge from Jen's Realia. A clause in my divorce requires me to write under a pseudonym, so I decided my pen name should be PENolan, after her.

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