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Sonos PLAYBAR, SUB, and PLAY:1 Surround Sound Setup, First Impression and Review

I have a Samsung smart tv and my sonos playbar paired with 2 Play 1's is connected via an optical cable, the only option. I have set the the TV to external speakers to use the sonos devices. The only problem is I can only adjust volume using my iphone and the sonos app.

Samsung tell me the only way I could use their remote to vontrol volume is if the playbar was connected to an hdmi port. Greatful for any advice. Share something, connect with others! Start a conversation, ask a question or share your ideas. Active topics Airplay support on Play: Airplay support on Play: Sonos Audio Quality icon 6 hours ago.

Sonos Beam review

Problem with playbar icon 32 minutes ago. Sonos jumps to maximum volume and freezes contollers icon 36 minutes ago. Grandpa Paul earned the badge Meet and greet. Best Sonos speaker deals. The Beam can talk to any other Sonos products you have in your home, playing the same music as the One in your kitchen or the Play: Sonos will also support AirPlay 2 , allowing you to build a multi-room system with products from different manufacturers.

Apple AirPlay 2 — everything you need to know. This means that, thanks to voice support on the Sonos Beam, you can turn on your TV and adjust the volume with voice commands. Sonos Beam v Playbar v Playbase - which is best? Those looking for deeper voice control should consider adding a Fire TV device to their set-up.

This enables more commands via the Sonos Beam, such as starting specific programmes on supported streaming services "Alexa, play Stranger Things " will start the show on Netflix on the Fire TV, for example. But just as Sonos wants to be platform neutral when it comes to music services, it also promises to support all available voice assistants, albeit not necessarily on equal terms.

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Amazon Alexa is on board at launch, while Google Assistant integration is still in the pipeline. Siri compatibility should be available by the time the Beam goes on sale on the 17th July, but its functionality has been stripped back compared to the integration on the HomePod. There's also no Dolby Atmos support here — the company believes that soundbars don't deliver Atmos sound to a quality level it is happy with. Dolby Atmos — What is it?

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How can you get it? How can you use it? Other modes include Night Mode and Speech Enhancement, both of which can be left off unless specific needs arise. So, how does the Beam sound?

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Exceptionally good, particularly for its size. Sonos has managed to overcome two of the usual limitations of compact speakers: Play the opening of the remake of Ghost In The Shell and the sound effects of the gunfight fill the room in a way that confounds expectations. It really is impressive for the size. This scene has a deep, club-like bassline that the Beam has no right to reproduce with anything like the depth and authority it does. This is chunky, solid, grin-inducing bass.