Speed dating nights for singles with disability are coming to Parramatta

I wish there were more people with disabilities in relationships on TV and in films.

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It helps people with disabilities and the public see that you can have a good relationship if you have a disability. There is a new film out at the moment about Professor Stephen Hawking. He has motor neuron disease and is happily married.

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My dad had motor neuron disease late in his life, so I know how hard it is when someone you love has it. The more people with disabilities we see in relationships on TV the better. Skip to main content Everyone should have the chance to be in a relationship 19 January Relationships A blog about the barriers around relationships for people with a learning disability and what we can do to pull them down.

There is no guarantee to find myself a partner but it can happen. A disability is not an excuse because barriers can be fixed or worked around. What would going to a speed dating night mean to you? Have you had the opportunity to go on a speed dating night before?

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What you like to happen at the end of the speed dating night? I want to meet new people that are nice, start new friendships and maybe find a girlfriend. The sections of the profile form are based on research by Susan Quilliam, which shows more success when you reach out to invite a person into your life, rather than promote yourself. We tell members that they can put photos of themself up or pictures which reflect their inner selves. Our discussions allow members to speak to those with whom they have things in common, and enjoy meaningful discussions which will help you on your journey.

And, once more people from abroad start joining, we will enjoy more geographical areas of activity and contact. To sum up, the Outsiders Members Clubhouse is quite different to dating sites: Venturing into a relationship takes time, courage and self-acceptance, especially when you have a disability. Most disabled people say they need to build up confidence, and we are always here to support you. Outsiders has always attracted a magical mix of people, mostly people who are open and adventurous but also those who are very private and shy.

Most are in their 30s and 40s but we are now attracting younger people, and some are in their 70s. Most are simply delighted to belong to a club where they are truly accepted. We are proud that our members are honest about themselves and self-accepting.

Dating With A Disability + How I Met My Husband - Legally Blind

Many have had unhappy experiences of online dating: Outsiders members have been carefully screened and are soon booted out if they behave disrespectfully. All have signed that they agree to the rules of Outsiders which clearly describe the level of respectful behaviour required this is not moralistic — members can enjoy any mutually consensual activity. We welcome anyone over 16 years of age who is able to understand the concept of Outsiders and run their own affairs.

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We ask that members fill in our online application form themselves, or tell us why they are unable to do this. We can offer help if you get stuck. We also welcome members who support our ethos and have valuable skills or expertise to contribute. When somebody applies who we feel ill-equipped to cope with, e. She continues to coordinate the club and run the Trust from her croft in the Highlands.

She enjoys a mixture of the wilderness at home and the exotic style of London and devoted to Outsiders and its future. She runs Outsiders for free, as a volunteer. Today, the board of Trustees are responsible for the Outsiders and Tuppy attends all their meetings.

Our team of Volunteers Most of our volunteers are Outsiders members who have gained experience, found happiness and want to support others. Together, they have a wide range of wisdom, experience and practical know-how on disability and personal matters. Members wishing to volunteer need to have been in the Club for at least six months before starting work. Outsiders has been lucky enough to have some very exceptional membership secretaries, most of whom came from the membership and fundraising events, and went on to successful careers elsewhere.

Our volunteers work hard but some have health problems and experience fatigue, shyness, and stress, so please be respectful towards us. Membership Team The Membership Team coordinate the club. They vet applicants, respond to emails and phone calls, send messages on forthcoming activities, and make phone calls to ensure everything is going well for members.

She is our helpline operator. She won Islington Volunteer of the Year in Els Payne Els runs the West Country lunches and is a trustee. She oversees and looks after the vollies, consults them on all decisions, and keeps them up to speed on the progress of programmes and funding.

We have written guidelines on running lunches and, in , Victoria Mackenzie, who has run the London Lunch and helped at Sheffield, wrote down the model she used. West Country Events Run by Els. This is a time when we invite people from outside to join us and find out more. It is run by a small team of of the above plus some of our fundraising vollies. So, thank GOD we have something which is called Outsiders. I find it twisted that we are living in a world which is far from perfect.