It will ruin his life, and you will have nothing but regret about it. Regardless, if you like him then develop a friendship.

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That's the kind of thing that lasts. Friends are hard to forget. And the best romantic relationships are between people who are already friends. When he graduates, he WILL forget you. All seniors are interested in, is too get some easy sex before they leave, and a freshman or sophomore is their best bet to it. You and him will get made fun of heavily, and I doubt either of your parents will like it.

There's too many cons compared to pros. If he's 18 you should avoid him. I dated a freshman when I was an hs senior and it was awesome, but I was 17 and she was Most of the girls in my class wanted to date older guys, so younger girls were my only option. Senior girls thought they were too good for hs boys. It'll only be for a year. Life after hs is way different. He's gonna wanna experience things as an adult that u legally being a child can't partake in. That'll only drive a wedge in between u guys. More cons than pros here. Most likely he will leave you as you say, so don't become too attached.

If you up for friends with benefits and he treats you respectfully why not have some fun? I actually have never seen or heard of that so I think there would be no problem it's just a couple who cares what there ages are the only time someone worries about it is when the guy has grey hair. If he's interested in you as well, go for it. It's very possible that if a relationship does happen with you and this guy it will only last for this school year, but he won't just completely forget about you when he graduates.

I've thought about dating a senior in my freshman year. I'm pretty sure he liked me back but at the time he was dating someone else who was also a freshman.


We met through a class and got really close. He also met his girlfriend through an after school activity so they got really close. It wasn't about me seeking him out or anything. She didn't even go to our school. Here they have a law the protects such relationships. Our school mascot was the Trojan and other schools called our cheerleaders the marching mothers because without fail at least 1 of the cheerleaders falls pregnant every year.

There's also some rumor about our school having the highest birthdate for students nationwide. I really couldn't support that she gap. There is such a tremendous difference in development and maturity. An 18 year old should be preparing to go off to college or enter the job market. A 13 year old should be drinking juice boxes and swooning over Justin Beiber. If it were my daughter or son I would not allow it. In my opinion an 18 year old man should not be interested in a 13 year old girl. Followed up with strict rules for my child.

It's more age than grade. In high school, one of my senior friends was He failed twice in elementary school because he was from another country and didn't speak English.

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I started school early and was 13 when I started dating an 18 year old. I was madly in love.

Opinions on senior dating a freshman

He told me he was 16 and it wasn't until my parents went to the police that his real age came out. I have girls that age and there's no way I'd support that much of an age gap in high school. Where I'm from high school is grade and this is one of the reasons why I support that. I would not be happy about it and would keep a very close eye on it but not sure I would ban it either. It would depend on the maturity of my child, the nature of their relationship, and the temperament of the older young adult. No I would not support my child being in a relationship with that big of an age gap as a teenager.

A 13 year old is still so young. I think during high school I'd probably only accept an age difference of 2 years max. Though the difference between a 13 year old and 15 year old is still quite big do even then I would decide only on a case by case basis. Plus I would strongly discourage my child from being in a serious relationship until they were at least The 13 year old would be in an extremely vulnerable position with a lack of maturity to be able to deal with it.

The 18 year old is also opening themselves up to being charged and this could absolutely ruin their life employment opportunities, ability to travel, etc. This is why I think 9th grade should be included in junior high. Where I went to school, the junior high covered grades , and the high school did grades I thought that worked very well, but you don't see that set up much anymore.

High school kids think with their hormones and think the statutory rape law doesn't apply or that they won't get caught When I was 14 there was an 18 year old interested in me and calling me. I thought he was a loser for going after someone so young - why couldn't he get a girl his own age?

Opinions on senior dating a freshman - Forums

There is so much mental growth between 13 and I would encourage my boys to stay away from much younger girls. I have an issue with the age gap but not the grades. I had a late birthday and turned 15 December of my freshman year. There were young seniors who were only 2 years older than me.

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I don't think an age gap larger than years is appropriate in high school, but I don't think I'd make a hard and fast rule. It depends on the child and the person they want to date. Age would bother me. But i dated a junior when i was a freshman.


He was 17 i was He was my first kiss Lol sex was never brought up or mentioned, we were together for 6 months.