Finding a man who will care enough for you and enjoy making you happy is the most beautiful thing. Honesty and sincerity are long-forgotten virtues these days. But luckily there are still some last survivors who embrace these qualities as a way of life. A good, honorable man will open his heart and soul to you.

15 Ways to be a Good Man while Dating - The Good Men Project

He knows that the key to a healthy and prosperous relationship lies in honesty. He genuinely cares about your relationship with your closest circle of friends and family.

He makes you feel special and safe whenever you are around him. If your guy wakes this feeling in you, never let him go! A good man will never allow himself to be abusive toward you. No action of yours will ever justify that kind of harmful and destructive behavior. A true gentleman will love you for your soul long before he falls in love with your looks. He is driven and motivated by your intelligence and respects your vivid individuality.

A good base of a relationship lies in the comfort to be sincere and upfront with your closest person about all your deepest desires and fears. This means being a truly comfortable and uncensored version of yourself around him. I can help you break your habit of dating bad boys and deadbeats. Ebooks available at online stores.

How To Know FAST If He’s The Right Man For You

Paperbacks in Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Skip to main content. Warning message The subscription service is currently unavailable. Please try again later. You MUST ignore your initial fluttering, tingling sensations with the cool guy and you MUST give a nice guy a chance to show you his intelligence, his reliability, his fun side and his respect and adoration for you.

You MUST avoid the emotional highs and lows of a love-addict and seek a relationship that encourages personal growth, trust and stability. He calls when he says he will and he texts you frequently.

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He does what he says he will do. He talks openly about his past, present and future. He makes you feel special.

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He plans activities that he knows you will enjoy. He takes you to your favorite restaurant and he buys tickets to the Broadway show you want to see. He wants to be seen with you.

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He takes you around his friends and family. He expresses his respect and affection for you. He opens doors for you.

He holds your hand while walking down the street. He brings you flowers. He cooks for you.

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