If she left him because he did not have a job, that is a red flag — does he have a job now? Is his idea of a relationship to be a lazy slug and mooch off his lover?

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Can you mentally compare how he is now with how you perceive him to have been just a few months or years ago when the marriage crumbled? Does it sound like he was a heavier drinker then and is now sober or cutting back his drinking? Does he have bouts of anger that might indicate his ex-wife was afraid of him? Is he timid and easily swayed and you can see that a lack of a spine is what allowed a manipulative wife to get everything she could from him before she fled?


Most men going through a divorce will talk about it all the time. You might actually become a mini-expert on your state's legal nuances involving separation and community property. He will be venting and venting. This is often a turnoff, but you can make this time matter for you in addition to just being a shoulder to cry on. Listen carefully to what he says about the judge's rulings; the law is based on reasonable expectations.

If he is complaining about getting railroaded by "the system," it could indicate that he is too cheap to pay for a good lawyer. Do you want to be with a man who is a big cheapskate?

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Dig deeper with casual questions centering on why the judge would do what he did. If he brings up conspiracy theories or convoluted logic, these are signs of a paranoid manipulator. If he is happy to see things going along at a predictable pace, this is a man who does not relish conflict, and who also does not back down from seeing a task through — quite a good catch no matter what his recent circumstances have been.

Dating a Divorced Man: What You Should Know

If he puts pressure on you to allow him to move in with you — especially if the source of his rent is dubious — follow the advice of one strong woman's grandmother: He may still need to talk to his ex a lot. He may need to meet his ex for regular meetings to go over things. Sometimes, you might learn long after the fact, that this man spent time at the home he used to share with his ex. Maybe he was there going through boxes or even having dinner with his ex, and their kids, as a family.

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  • He may just seem a little displaced at times. But, you can help him make his new home feel like a home.

    What To Know Before Dating A Man In The Middle Of A Divorce

    He may keep you away from the kids until the divorce is finalized. It will feel at times like this divorce is taking lifetimes. One little discovery can lead to weeks of negotiations. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women.

    If you are feeling jealous, share it in a way that does not make him feel like he has to choose between you and his children. He will need to communicate with his wife about their children for many years to come.

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    • To have a successful relationship, you must accept this. Keep your dating experience low-pressure. No matter whose fault the divorce is, some men may be gun-shy to start up a new serious relationship. Be there for him and listen to him. Enjoy being together, but do not pressure him to become engaged or promise to marry you someday.

      Let him know that you understand the need to go slow and you are willing to wait as long as he needs. Ask him about his expectations for your relationship and what he expects from you.

      What To Know Before Dating A Man In The Middle Of A Divorce | MadameNoire

      Listen to him about what went wrong in his marriage and what he expects to be different the next time around. Be willing to work on yourself if he needs something from you.


      But be honest with him if you feel you cannot meet those expectations, especially if he expresses that he has no desire to ever marry again and that is a goal for you. Kimberly Turtenwald began writing professionally in Turtenwald studied editing and publishing at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Dating a married man complicates and prolongs the process. Meet Singles in your Area!