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Nian Xiaomei

Chronology of multicultural site Sowinki in Greater Poland By: Danuta Michalska and Andrzej Krzyszowski. Radiocarbon and lead age-depth model and trace elements concentration in the Wolbrom fen S Poland By: Pleistocene glaciations of the SE Altai, Russia, based on geomorphological data and absolute dating of glacial deposits in Chagan reference section By: Benefits and weaknesses of radiocarbon dating of plant material as reflected by Neolithic archaeological sites from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary By: Reflection of climatic changes during interpleniglacial in the geoecosystems of South-Eastern Poland By: Leszek Starkel , Danuta J.

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Variations of tree ring width and chemical composition of wood of pine growing in the area nearby chemical factories By: Climatic signals in tree-ring width and stable isotopes composition of Pinus sylvestris L. Absolute chronology of the Zedmar culture: Re-thinking radiocarbon dates By: Variation of OSL residual doses in terms of coarse and fine grain modern sediments along the Hungarian section of the Danube By: Low temperature thermochronology using thermoluminescence signals from K-feldspar By: Chronostratigraphical framework of the early hominid occupations in southern Europe.

Electron Spin Resonance dating of optically bleached quartz grains from the Middle Palaeolithic site of Cuesta de la Bajada Spain using the multiple centres approach: Chronology of the oldest hominid settlements in Western Europe: ArBoCo workshop Paris, France. A new facility for Quaternary Geochronology in Spain: Termex kick-off meeting Paris, Francia.

ESR dating of Lower Pleistocene fossil teeth: Double blind direct electron spin resonance dating of the Homo naledi remains.

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A multiple dating approach luminescence and electron spin resonance to assess rates of crustal deformation using Quaternary fluvial terraces of the lower Moulouya River NE Morocco. Early Homo behavior and adaption in North Africa: Assessing the possibilities of an Helium cryogenic system for ESR dating of quartz.

Extending the chronostratigraphy at Gran Dolina archaeological site, Atapuerca. Challenges in tracing costal dynamics: The effect of grain size on carbonate contaminant removal from tooth enamel: Evidence of stone tools and cutmarked bones from Ain Boucherit Early Pleistocene deposits 2.

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  5. Homo erectus behavior and adaptation: Reinvestigating the hominin site of Tighennif formerly Ternifine , Algeria. Evaluating the potential of an He cryogenic system for ESR dating of quartz grains.

    1. Volume Issue 1 (Jan ) : Geochronometria?
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    4. Spatial distribution of u, U-series isotopes and CO 2 - radicals in tooth enamel. Earliest Human Occupation of North Africa: Paleodose determination on tooth enamel powder samples from Longgupo early Pleistocene site. Establishing Holocene cyclone and tsunami chronologies using luminescence dating Talk.

      Electron spin resonance

      The tsunami history of southwest Thailand - Recurrence, magnitude and impact of palaeotsunamis inferred from onshore deposits Talk. Geo Frankfurt September , Frankfurt, Germany. Assessing tsunami magnitude from sedimentary evidence — estimates for modern and prehistoric tsunami sand sheets from western Thailand Talk.