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Mtg arena matchmaking failure – Irish in the American Civil War

And I've never gotten more than 6 wins poor me ,but I often experience something like that,even when the deck is fairly good. Last edited by TheKennyL24 on Nov 25, Same Idea but most people tend to agree that when they are preparing for a new expansion people save their gold so only the most hardcore players are doing arena right now. I agree, it is probably because the more casual players are saving gold right now. That is why the Martingale system exist.

Save your gold for the next expansion. I got ass all for viable combos or even decent cards I just wanted to ask how matchmaking works. Also it sounds like you haven't been screwed by all the disconnecting to much. Since I coldn't find an "arena forums", I'll post here.

  • Arena Matchmaking?
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So, can anyone help me undestand how arena matchmaking works? The first opponent was 25 levels and 7 ranks above me. Wow, this sucks, and I was badly beaten. Second match, the person was 19 levels and 9 ranks more than me.


This is really an unfortunat event, but, let's move on The final opponent was 35 levels more than me and a stupid high rank with GM border! I dind't even tried at this point and quit. Obviously, such a system would improve over time and not be as reliable in the early stages of Hearthstone going live. The link to HearthstoneCast is broken right now, but this has been confirmed by Blizzard devs on twitter several times. The arena matchmaking algorithm does not look at your previous arena or constructed history and it does not consider the card quality of the deck you have drafted.

Current unconfirmed, fan-based thinking is each match you are matched to someone with the same Arena score as you, so for your first game you are playing someone who is also on , if you then lose, your next game will be against someone who has also just lost one game. The dial spins around several times before finally matching you with a Worthy Opponent.

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Or maybe it's completely random? As far as I know it's completely random, since Blizzard thinks that the more or less random deck you have to use in the arena evens out the skill.

Holy ****, this game sucks as a

Gonna write an answer if I have confirmation on this, or maybe I'm just remembering it wrong