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Most American date many people before finding Mr. During this time of dating, many men, but especially many women get hurt.

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Whether it was intentional or unintentional, the fact is they get harmed through dating. The list of possible and probable harm is great and can lead to feelings of mistrust, suspicion, jealousy, anger, hate, rage, failure, etc, etc. When dating is prohibited by your religion, how does one get married? That being said, in the United Sates, we have such a poor idea of and often misconceived idea of what an arranged marriage means.

So boys family usually the mother asks around to their friends and family of any single women who may be a good suit. The couple decides they want to get married, family permission is required, and the engagement goes forth. It is an interesting way of life and it works.

Dating a Jordanian Man- Difference in Culture?, Jordan forum

In Jordan, it is not the norm to get divorced. Part of the low divorce rate is because it is not a social norm, but also because of this lack of dating prior to marriage. Imagine, that you have never dated, never been in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex prior to marriage. You have no harm from previous relationships and you have nothing to compare it to either.

Traditional Engagement – Jordan Style

Therefore, your relationship is more pure on an emotional and physical level. May be you did not fall in love with the person prior to marrying them; however, with time they usually fall in love or have a common bond that holds their marriage strong. In fact, in the dating world, you may have fallen in love with the people prior to marriage and shortly fall out of love because it is a feeling or you are comparing to previous relationships, or have been hurt by previous partners.

I find myself writing this blog, because my sister-in-law has recently become engaged to a man, the traditional way in Islam and in Jordan. I am reflecting on the traditional way and trying to open the minds of my beloved Western friends and family who have never been exposed to this type of relationship before.

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  • For myself, 3 of the 4 siblings my husband has, have met their wives and now soon to be husband, in this traditional way. Alhumdillah, each of them are happily married. I am use to the idea, and contrary to my often Western thinking, I even like the idea. Escorted by her sister of course. There are plenty of Russian and Hungarian package holidaymakers in skimpy outfits who could be yours if you have the right lines.

    Failing that there are an increasing amount Chinese Massage parlours springing up about the place that can provide a bit of light relief for only a few Dinars.

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