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This self-taught accordionist, singer, and composer travels the world, performing his unique style of tropical-sounding, upbeat music. When it comes to San Diego nightlife, residents and visitors have no lack of options for going out. The variety of night clubs in San Diego range from comedy hot spots to dance halls where DJs spin the hottest tracks to get crowds moving.

The best bars in San Diego cater to any mood and taste, from craft-brew havens that showcase Californian microbreweries to wine bars that stock varietals from around the world. If you find yourself hungry after exploring all that, you can always head to local favorite Studio Grill , open 24 hours. Main menu Open search menu. Nightlife in San Diego. Categories Things To Do House of Blues San Diego. The Mad Hatter's Ball: Down the Rabbit Hole on Friday, February 1, at 8 p. Marsha Ambrosius on Friday, February 1, at 8 p. Saturday Night Comedy Showcase.

Fifty Shades of Men: True Gentlemen The Show on February 26 at 8 p. Robby Krieger of The Doors on January 31 at 7 p. That night when you and I walked to our cars together after Speed Dating was over, I remember telling you that Luis seemed like he was an old-fashioned gentleman who still believed in chivalry which was the sort of man I was looking for.

You said I was right. Well, he has turned out to be that and so much more! He is a real, live hero with a heart as big as this planet. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity your event provided Luis and I. But more importantly, I am appreciative for your personal presence at that event. Your genuine care and desire to bring potential couples together is to be commended. My life has not been the same since that night in a good way!! I will always remember that magical date on a calendar: I remember glancing at her across the bar and falling in love instantly.

As I told you: Thank you for everything but I give up.. I want to say hi and thank you. I met a very nice man at your St. We have been dating since January! My name is Kate. One year ago today, you sent out an email offering 3 free spots for a Speed Dating event that night because a few women had canceled.

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That ended up being the BEST decision of my life! I ended up meeting the love of my life that night! I went out on dates with a few of my matches, but one man, Akaash, slowly became more special than the others. He got a job in the Bay Area last summer, so we did the long distance thing for several months, but I just moved up here a couple weeks ago. Thanks so much for coordinating the event that brought Akaash and me together! Our one year anniversary is approaching and I wanted to let you know that we have enjoyed such a fun 12 months together, all because of Speed Dating.

Here's a look at some Singles 20's & 30's Meetups happening near San Diego.

We met at an event held in Ann Arbor. I called in sick to work to attend the event, and he reluctantly went after his sister purchased a ticket for him. I remember when he sat at my table. At the end of the event, I had actually become friends with the woman on the left and right of me they happened to be best friends and after afterward, I invited them to dinner.

Justin was standing off to the side and I asked him to come to dinner with us and he was very happy to do so. The four of us arrive at a local restaurant and Justin sits next to me. We realize both women are a bit intoxicated and while one cried, the other discussed fungus. Justin and I had the best time with them with many opportunities to laugh!

He bought my dinner and drove me to my car afterward. He asked what an appropriate amount of time was to wait to call me and I giggled at the unspoken rules of dating being discussed. In the past year, we have enjoyed birthdays, holidays, skiing, hockey games, concerts, costume parties, getting to know each other and getting to know our families.

Again I want to thank you for putting on the event last night. It was very well run and I had a nice time. Wanted to update you…I met a wonderful man at one of your events in April and we have formed a lovely relationship! I must say, I am very happy. And although I enjoyed myself at your event, I am doubtful that I will be attending anytime soon. We wanted to let you know that we met at this event back in January at this event.

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  • We started dating right away and fell in love. We got married a few weeks ago and are very happy. We thought you would like to add us to your testimonials or success stories. We really liked the event and think it would work for others as well.

    Singles 20's & 30's Meetups in San Diego

    We tell all our single friends how great this event was! My name is Agustin, and her name is Cristy.

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    We went to a speed dating event on Jan 29th. I had no expectations … neither did she. We have been together ever since. We are moving together to South Florida. Thank you for being the bridge that made this happen.


    I am so happy! We are now talking about getting married! That day will not be forgotten. Our paths would never have crossed without meeting through a Pre-Dating Speed Dating event. I was working in the semiconductor industry and Traci, my future wife, was working with a non-profit organization on social Justice issues. Speed Dating provided a safe and professional environment to meet new people outside of our usual social circles. Karen, a friend and colleague, organized the event and encouraged me to attend. After that initial 6 minute introduction, where Traci and I met, we exchanged emails and went out for lunch a week later where we talked for almost 4 hours.

    We found out that we grew up only miles from each other in the Midwest, had many of the same core values, and shared a passion for music and dancing. We happily tell others how we met and encourage them to give Speed Dating a try as it just may lead them to find their soul mate like it did for us. Just wanted to let you know that I am exclusively dating a gentleman I met through pre-dating.

    Therefore, I would like you to remove my name from any upcoming events I believe I am signed up for the end of May pre-dating event. Sincerely, Michele String Milwaukee, April I went to 2 of your events over a year ago or bit more with having some dates, which was good. Thought you may like to hear about a good match made.

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    • I just wanted to let you guys know that long-term relationships CAN come from this! Much better and enjoyable than online dating.

      San Diego Singles events and Speed Dating - The Fun Singles - San Diego, CA

      Just a quick note to let you know that I met my husband at one of your Miami speed-dating evenings in July of Prior to meeting him, I attended several other speed-dating evenings though your company and they were always fun evenings with people who I found to be attractive, bright, and professional. I preferred your speed-dating evenings to bars, other singles-type events, or Internet dating. I continue to recommend your group to my single friends and acquaintances and definitely would encourage people looking for a relationship to try speed dating.

      Im not sure if you still do the coordinating for speed dating. We just got married yesterday: Just wanted to give you our success story. It was at MiCasa too event off 4th St. We tell all of our friends and they love the story! Followed by the most wonderful honeymoon in France. We both thank you for bringing us together! I was very impressed! You made everything run smoothly and made people feel comfortable. We met at that event and have dated seriously ever since! This year has been the best ever, and I adore my boyfriend. I wanted to tell you that the girl I brought with me to speed dating Joann actually met someone that night — actually speed dating!

      They are crazy about each other. PLUS, when they met, Joann thought she was meeting someone else just like you warned. I have not found out just yet if I lucked up and met a match, but it was a fun night out either way.