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Added "Attach Part" option to select specific areas to Holster. Standard Holsters also have this option.

Warframe Reworks: Matchmaking 2.0 Part 1 Random Matchmaking

Volumetric Lighting technology is here and has been implemented in The War Within quest! We've also improved player lighting and added various weather effects to the game.

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Archwing Movement Collision Improvements: Improvements on collisions, and clipping on all Archwings have been made across the board! Take control of the security systems and turrets scattered throughout this Map and use them against other players. The Arbiters of Hexis know there is more to the Tenno than just being good Warriors — they know them to be excellent Lunaro players as well! Seek truth through discipline and practice on this new Arbiters of Hexis themed Lunaro map. The perpendicular goals will require skill, precision, and teamwork to overcome.

Bring your passion to the sands of this Lunaro map today! Valkyr's Paralysis no longer deals damage in Conclave. Valkyr's Paralysis range has been reduced in Conclave. Improved the explosive visual effects seen when throwing weapons make impact on players in Conclave matches to better represent energy drain.

Fixed the UI displaying the wrong half-time indication when rejoining a Lunaro game in progress. Fixed Client loadout changes in the lobby not syncing properly. Fixed a couple of unintended hiding spots in the Forgotten Halls Conclave map. Fixed a couple of map holes allowing players to see out of the level in the Freight Line Conclave map. The Player Profile diorama now includes your custom Operator! Activating your Focus ability in mission now occurs on holding your '5' key or whatever binding you have rather than tapping.

Made changes to some Motion Blur instances on power cast and damage events, we will adjust this based on your feedback! Fixed some general behaviour with enemies regarding awareness of their environment: Made several optimizations to host-performance in the Law of Retribution and the Jordas Verdict Optimized periodic single-frame lag-spikes that would occur in many missions Radial Shared Affinity no longer includes a stealth multiplier if active.

Whips can now use any longsword holster customization. Scaled the Plastid Carapace ship decoration to match in-game size. Tweaked the original Grineer riot shield to be a bit more metallic. Blocking with the Ack and Brunt now absorbs elemental damage. Ayatan Sculptures now show number of socketed Stars when viewed in your Inventory.

Replaced outdated Mod tips with new tips about the Ayatan system. Tweaked Relay hub room lighting to better represent each room. Venus - V Prime is now a Survival mission instead of Rescue due to there only being one low tier Survival mission.

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You will no longer be able to see or pickup Syndicate Medallions if you have already completed that mission prior to being invited. Reduced the brightness when viewing Landing Craft Resource Decorations. Improved transitions when selecting different Stance animations in the Arsenal. Improved the look of the fog effects on the Corpus Gas City tileset.

Adjusted the blocking volumes on elevators on the Corpus Ice Planet Tileset to prevent players from being able to accidentally exit the level. Improved the sound effects for the Scorpion enemy type. Adjusted the minimum level of Bursas to help spread out their presence across the Star Chart: Improved the overall performance of multiple Warframe ability visual effects.

Improved Lunaro save detection. Adjusted the coloring of the lens flare seen while channeling. Adjusted and improved the sound effects heard when grappled by Infested Ancients and Isolator Bursa units. Stealth master tests will now wait for performed finishers to finish before resetting themselves. Adjusted the difficulty of Spy vault hack consoles to prevent the most difficult hack from occurring on mission difficulties lower than level The icon used to displayed dropped weapons from a disarm move now use the same Friendly marker on the minimap instead of the major objective iconography.

The New Strange Defense wave count has been reduced from 10 to 5. Adjusted Rapier idles to minimize visible foot sliding. Improved the back-end spawning logic of AI types for increased performance. The Grineer Shipyard tileset has received a visual update!

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Objects are shinier and rocks are now PBR- whoa! Reduced the damage of the Static Discharge Mod due to the Prova dealing at least 5 ticks of damage during the charge attack. Improved motion blur edges to appear less disorienting. Improved jumping animations to be smoother. Removed the Void Fissure end of mission reward selection screen when playing Solo or if no other player joins. Optimized the memory usage of the flashlight.

Is reducing ping limit bad? :: Warframe General Discussion

This fixes players unable to do the Ayatan Sculpture mission due to reaching their trade limit. Reduced the sound when Sentinels complete a scan. Potential fix for teams not being reshuffled after a player leaves. Fixed the extraction timer sometimes not appearing for Hosts if they're not at extraction. Fixed a low glow effect on the Loot Detector Mod. Fixed being able to trigger a Spy vault's alarm after data was extracted if there was previously a Host migration. Fixed the mission countdown timer sometimes starting at 11 seconds.

Fixed Mods equipped on the Dark Split Sword not staying on the weapon when exiting out of the Arsenal. Fixed the UI not refreshing when randomizing Companion Attachment colors.

Fixed the Lanx appearing to have an explosion of blood effect when selected in the Codex. Fixed cases where players with '-' in their names would get personal notifications in chat where they weren't actually notified. Fixed camera offset when using Razorwing while crouching.

Low prio bracket

Fixed flowing water issues in The Silver Grove Shrine tileset. Fixed rewards received from completing Nightmare missions not being checked for "new" status. Fixed a script error in the Star Chart when you're in a Relay and attempt to start a mission that requires an item you don't have. Fixed a high number of dead ends and backtracking issues in Grineer Galleon Exterminate level maps. Fixed instances of unlit Crewmen in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. Fixed a script error when receiving an Inbox message while viewing the Star Chart.

Fixed canceling the placement of an Ayatan Sculpture sometimes resulting in the Sculpture being replaced by another decoration as per: Fixed inconsistent text colors in the Conclave Arsenal upgrade screen. Fixed instances of players and NPCs falling through the world.

Fixed the Left Dendra Shoulder Guard overlapping with emblems. Fixed the mission drop-down grate appearing to float when skipping the intro cinematic. Fixed Chroma appearing to have 2 pelts when activating a Focus ability while Effigy is also active. Fixed a crash that could occur when being attacked by Zanuka after using a Zanuka Hunter Beacon. Fixed incorrect positioning of the Izvara Syandana on Saryn Prime. Fixed the Ripkas not appearing on Titania when equipped as per: Fixed being able to initiate a panel hack while sliding, resulting in continuing the slide and failing the hack.

Fixed some missing headers when in the Appearance tab for Bows. Fixed the Raptor Codex entries appearing very zoomed in. Their shields are invincible, and unfortunately you were accomplishing nothing. Fixed Idle animations not playing when the Staticor is equipped. Fixed an issue with secondary weapons clipping into Ash Prime Fixed an issue with the Iliac Syandana not inheriting the molted effect when equipped on Saryn.

Fixed a map hole found in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. Fixed an issue with emblems clipping when equipped on Titania. Fixed an issue with multiple Syandanas not fitting properly on Titania. Fixed an issue with Sugatras not being equipped properly on the Helicor. Fixed an issue with Kubrows potentially getting stuck in their retrieve behavior when collecting plants.

Fixed an issue with duplicate color options being visible on the Smoke Color Pallette. Fixed an issue with the Danavi Syandana clipping into numerous Warframes when equipped. Fixed an issue with Ripkas weapon trail being visible when equipped or hidden.