The only thing we can do is be aware and not hard on ourselves for the thoughts and feelings that tend to surface.. What will be will find a way!!! Ladies you are all beautiful inside and out no matter your weight or looks or anything!!! Our soul is what defines us.. Keep your head up and just know in the end no matter what happens you got you!!! His family confirms that he is genuine and real, and I talk to his mom and brother a lot which helps. My concern is that he got locked up when he was 19, and now hes almost Cant wait around 2 more years not knowing!!

We met through our friends, he tried for a month to talk to me before I even gave him the tine if day. He motivated me to go to college, I had continued to talk about losing weight and then he was finally like if you really wanna do it get off your ass and just go! It took me saying hey if there is something that you need and I can get you let me know.

Patience Is Important

He even paid for the phone calls. The whole time that we have been talking all he has ever done was support me, motivate me, and let him tell it love me from the bottom of his heart, and that makes things very scary for me because I know all about the jail talk. My brother who is also in jail gave me all the details when it comes to jail talk.

He and I talked about it and everything is just perfect. Then he said that we should take a break. So due to some very few minor things he thinks we should take a break and I fought him on it and so we are talking about all of this now. And with some if his replies it makes me think that maybe we should take a break and come back with fresh minds.

We talk everyday via omail and phone calls. I written to her after seeing her on an online post via snail mail. It was casual at first before I sent her an older pic of myself. I was won over by the Southern girl charm she has. I had cornrows when I taken the pic in in my now tattered LaRon Landry jersey. I was won over by her beauty, grace and her not being like the rest in the city I live in.

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I was at my last job for a long time and was shown the door back in may due to tardiness and I was planning to quit there anyway. I really enjoy her beauty and personality. My marriage to a federal inmate was I thought to be pretty good. Married 18 years, together 20 years, I was dedictated to him until the end. Many doors were closed in our face but one door finally opened. At that time he had distanced himself from me but I thought he was having a rough time from being locked up for so long.

Dating a Man Who Just Got out of Prison

My advice to any women in a relationship with an inmate, go live your life because they would NOT do it for you. I believe in my love with all my heart but I will always remain cautious. I went through a similar situation last year. That man really hurt me! He told me that we were going to be together after his released.

All I can say is that we must be extremely careful because it really hurts! I and my now man who have been writing each other since last july, even though his estimated date wont be until , he is really happy that i have given him the time of day to write a letter to him ,knowing someone on the outside loves him , cares , meens alot to him. I have fallen for him the more he writes, its hard for me because my family dont want us to be together because of his charges. We reconnected via a social media site that someone was running for him. He is serving 22 years with 8 years left on a drug charge.

I have committed to wait for him. Almost every single guy will talk to any woman who is willing to give them the time of day. They will say anything, and I do mean anything, to keep a line of communication open with a woman. They love her, they want to marry her, they want her to meet the mama, the kids, ANYTHING is fair game, and they say the same things to multiple women, many times to several women in the same day.

Here is the fundamental differences between a guys who are different:.

14Hr Roadtrip - Picking up my BF from prison - Vlog

They want an actual relationship with their children and their families back home. This is the key. If they start talking about sex or marriage after a month, you are probably moving too fast, and they are just saying anything to keep you around or keep you interested. He is honest with you about his past, including his crimes, his lifestyle, and his women. If he tells you that that it will be super easy to be faithful, or that he NEVER cheated, or that he was just dealing with crazy women but you are different, move carefully. He needs to be accountable for his past. If you feel peace and not just all starry-eyed or sexually aroused after communication with him or visiting him, then you probably have something real.

Trust what you feel, and if you get doubtful, tell him. You are sacrificing time, probably money, and taking a huge gamble on someone with a very shaky past. All he can offer you right now if his love, honesty, and transparency. If you have a question about something, he should be willing and ready to answer it and prove his answer if he can. I had a good friend that was on death row. But he was able to get off because of some court things could not come through to charge him at the time of the trial.

But he was locked up for 11 in half years. Got out this year in March. His family and friends told he wanted me to contact him. So I reached out as a friend!

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  8. We both started to write and he asked me to be his lady. He was kewl with it. But I put money on the phone and for food etc.

    12 Tips To Dating A Prisoner

    I did everything for him. He would always tell me I missed u so much. But I picked him up in March of this year. He was doing everything for him an a sweet heart.

    How soon after Man is released from Prison do you date him?

    But got around his crew are should say his ex baby momma family. He total turned away from me and pushed me away. Do u think he really loved me or not? He started to say I was stalking him and just being so mean to me. I did everything in my power for him and he treated me so bad why? I cried my heart out and miss him so much and the kisses but most of all him. We talked everyday for six in half months.

    Do u think he has some kind of love or respect for me at all? Please need some real talk here. Hello Crystal, if this man is looking in your face and treating you like a stranger, then as hard as it is, move on! I know it hurts love, I do. But any man, previously incarcerated or not, does not care for you in the way he should if he treats you that way.