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Take also advantage of our frequent sales and promotions that we offer to our customers, and get your orders in record time thanks to our fast shipping. Forks Forks 26" Forks 29" Forks L mm RACE Were the right products chosen for the ban? The draft plastic strategy is definitely a first step in the right direction, but many sources of pollution are not yet taken into account.

For instance, a large portion of microplastic is produced on our streets, by normal wear and tear on tyres and shoe soles. Every time we wash clothing of synthetic materials, countless microscopic plastic fibres are released, which our water treatment plants cannot yet retain completely. To catch these fibres, we would need additional legal regulations on water treatment, like those issued in the context of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive back in the s. Another option would be to achieve a reduction in the amount of synthetic clothing using a combination of legal restrictions and incentives, which could also have a positive effect on human health, since we probably also inhale these tiny plastic fibres.

In addition, the tremendous amount of disposable packaging — especially in the food and drink industry — still is not sufficiently reflected. The World Bank projects a rise in global waste production to 3. Given these aspects, it quickly becomes clear that avoiding waste will also be essential to achieving our climate targets.

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In many waters around the world, fishing equipment accounts for a very large percentage of the litter. Also, large quantities of plastic fibres from fishing nets, dolly rope, can be found on our beaches and in the stomachs of many marine organisms, like the Norwegian lobster, a favourite seafood here in Europe. At the moment, global plastic production is growing by circa 4 percent per year.

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This trend can only be reversed if industry, for instance, reduces the use of packaging materials and consumers make a conscious choice to avoid plastic. One approach would be to use plastics that are truly biodegradable more intensively.

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Though we already have compostable plastic, it does not break down sufficiently. In our view, we need to take a critical look at all packaging and products. What types of packaging can we do without? And how do transport chains need to be adapted so as to make that possible?

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What packaging and products could be replaced with sustainable alternatives, without producing new monocultures in the agricultural sector? In addition to recyclable bottles and deposit-refund systems, where else can we switch to alternative, environmentally friendly materials? In cases where plastics are truly the only feasible choice, then recyclable, that is, mono-material plastics should be used.

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This will all take a great deal of research and binding legal regulations, since the plastics industry is not going to take any action on its own; after all, it has a great deal to lose. If we can get to the point where plastics can be optimally reused, while taking into account the complete energy cycle involved, then the tremendous amounts of plastic waste will mean that much less new plastic needs to be produced.

It is also important that the litter produced on board ships does not end up in the oceans.

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  • In this day and age, living without plastics is hard to imagine and virtually impossible to put into practice. Generally speaking, everyone should seek to limit their plastic consumption and, when purchasing new products, make sure that their service life is as long as possible, and that they come in as little packaging as possible. We also consider environmental education to be particularly important. It is particularly important that we teach children and adolescents about the risks of plastic waste, and about alternatives to plastic, so as to achieve a long-term change in consumer purchasing behaviour.

    In this regard, international litter clean-up campaigns are a promising option; while these campaigns on coastlines and rivers do not generally remove that much litter from the environment on a large scale, their educational value is exceptional. The Alfred Wegener Institute pursues research in the polar regions and the oceans of mid and high latitudes.