Thinking Of Dating Your Friend's Sister? Read This

OK, first, you must think reeeeally hard if she's the one, because if she turned out not to be and you guyz broke up, then you will lose a girlfriend and a best friend on the same day! Second, you must talk to her brother your best friend first. Tell him how you feel, and that you really cherish her, and that he knows you well enough to know that you will never hurt her.

Don't do anything behind his back because this will only make him more upset and make him feel you overcrossed him and didn't give him the respect he deserves. Also, you should be aware that getting into this relationship will entail many secrets that you must keep from your best friend, like sexual stuff, things with her parents, meeting her family, and even if she is just being annoying.

10 Steps To Dating Your Friend's Sister

For him, she will never be his best friend's girlfriend, she will always be HIS little sister. To sum up, think reeeally hard if she's worth it and if it seems that she's into you as well! We were all 14 and we did do some really crazy things. But the dividing line between acceptable things and unacceptable things is that you keep yourself within a boundary and not let things go to the extent that you lose control of your mind and your inhibitions. What is worrying is not that she drank or smoked, but the fact that she went to the extent where she couldn't help herself, and this seems to happen regularly.

A little guidance from someone she respects will go a long way in putting her back on the track.

I suggest you speak to someone she respects, and if she does not really respect anyone then you need to tell her brother about it if they share a good relationship. Otherwise you should go to the extent of telling her Dad too. I don't think its that big of a deal like some people here are making out. She is old enough and you have natural feelings for her.

I think you should tell your best friend that you really like her and then ask his permission to ask her out on a date or something. Show him you are serious about it and that you won't mess her around. Don't push it too much. If he seems uncomfrortable then leave it for a bit and ask him when he has calmed down. The trick is to gradually let him know you like her and ask for his opinion but don'tt appear like a threat and just say; i like her, I'm asking her out, that's it!

Talk about it maturely between the two of you and after you have told him your feelings for her, then bring it up that you would like a date. Well has your friend ever fallen for someone younger too?

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If he has then he might understand your situation a bit better. Have a dude to dude talk with him. Tell him to trust you and that to give you a chance. You have to assure him that you will not her hurt her in any way.

How do i tell my best friend i like his younger sister? | Yahoo Answers

AND most importantly let him know that no matter what your friendship will not change explain to him as though you are Chandler he is ross and his sister is monica!! Maybe have a double date as in you take her out and your best friend can take out his girlfriend or something Good luck: I live in Indiana and that is illegal.

There are women out there that you can share the same interest it. You also run the risk of loosing a friend. What would her parents think? You can explore a relationship with a friend's sister, but don't be deceptive about it. Meet Singles in your Area! Step 1 Ask your friend whether or not he minds you dating his sister.

Step 2 Show respect to your friend by acknowledging his feelings.

How to Ask Your Friend's Sister on a Date

Step 3 Treat your friend's sister with respect emotionally, verbally and physically if you choose to pursue a relationship with her. Step 4 Avoid dating the sister as if she were a "Siamese twin. References Dating Advice Secrets: View Singles Near You. Romantic Dinner Ideas for Her.

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