I'm level 30, they are between level Morfildur Morfildur 7, 7 38 There's a hidden Elo in normals that determines who you're matched against. Most likely, because your colleagues are new, their opponents aren't as good as the ones you're facing now. If there's anything I know about League of Legends, it's the matchmaking system.

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Most of my information came from that page, though it took me a while to understand it. The later clarification came from Riot posters and Reddit, little bits and pieces of information here and there. Is there anything that confuses you about it? Or were you just hoping to find more information? Source So just like in "Ranked," "Normal" uses its own Elo for matchmaking. Dante Dante 1 13 Keep in mind that low Elo gameplay is full of smurfs - high level players who make a new account to compete against low level players.

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Like Andrew said, experienced players capitalize on mistakes, and when smurfing there's lots of mistakes to work with. After about 10 or so games, though, those smurfs would rapidly gain Elo. It's possible that a smurf carried his colleagues, but I don't think it happens every game.

CS:GO Matchmaking Highlights #19 - LOL das Fenster ist offen!

It is another possible explanation, though. Mmr is broken sometimes i've constantly got into the game to republican or silver.

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MMR aka Match Making Rating in League

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