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Don't confuse differences in your spiritual maturity with differences in your religious beliefs. Being equally or unequally yoked, as Paul talked about II Corinthians 6: The problem you've described in your note sounds more to me like differences in your Christian maturity. That the two of you may not be on the same spiritual plane is something to consider.

But it's not like the sort of marital and family chaos Paul witnessed in biblical times when Christians and non-Christians married.

“I Like Him, But We’re Unequally Yoked! Can I Change Him?” | Project Inspired

Judging from your note it's pretty apparent that the two of you love each other. Ideally the love you two share is built on more than just good looks, good loving, and some good laughs together. Undergirding the relationship, hopefully, is a bedrock of shared values about what matters most and a common vision of the sort of future you want for any family you might create. I know some folks will disagree with me, but I don't think you should dump your boyfriend just because he doesn't attend church as much as you.

Unequally Yoked?

Church attendance alone is not a reliable indicator of one's spiritual maturity. The question best exploring is whether your boyfriend's comparative disinterest in church hints at some more profound resistance on his part to spiritual matters. For instance, is he at heart an atheist, someone who simply doesn't believe in God and has no interest in talk about spirituality and Christian values?

If he is, then I agree with your pastor that continuing this relationship is only going to cause you both lots of pain and disappointment down the road. But let's say that your boyfriend is not an atheist. Particularly love this line: However, that reality not only explains why we should heed the Biblical wisdom in your post. Sharing with the Future Marriage University community at https: I also address this issue in this post on my blog: Your Questions Answered Holy Available: Your Questions Answered Sacred Influence: Your Questions Answered Sacred Marriage: Your Questions Answered Sacred Parenting: Your Questions Answered Sacred Pathways: Your Questions Answered Pure Pleasure: Oleh Slobodeniuk, Creative Commons.

Why Being Unequally Yoked Is More Dangerous Than You Think

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Amanda March 1, at What I mean … one of you may be the spender; the other may be the saver. Digging a little deeper… the spender has major debt, not to mention their credit score is in the dumps. The saver- a little too frugal at times- but still, has a great credit score and keeps her debt minimal to none. Having different views on financial stability- or being unequally yoked financially- can work but open communication will be at the up most importance.

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My advice- talk about financial habits and goals in the beginning of your relationship. If either of you feel uncomfortable about what was discussed, you can either work it out or go your separate ways. Moreover, once you get a good understanding, you usually invested so much into the relationship that you both learned to accept each other the way you are.


Being unequally yoked via personalities can be touchy but also needs to be dealt with. If not, the relationship could become toxic. I may be a little sensitive but I feel you are too sarcastic. Have you noticed our conversations are slim to none currently? You pop an attitude quickly and I choose to say as little as possible to avoid hurting your feelings. Sorry you feel that way.