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With millions of free dating sites and dating apps, it is easy to question why you should pay money to meet singles when you can sign up to hundreds of free […] Continue Reading.


We all want to leave the best impression possible when it comes first dates, there are many things to consider when organizing to meet up with a potential partner. We have had plenty of singles who have attended one of our speed dating events ask us how to make their first dates great. So we […] Continue Reading.

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Register now to get updates on our upcoming events. Receive updates and discounts on upcoming speed dating events that are tailored to you. Not too long, not too short, just the right amount of time to get to know your dates. We work hard in the background to ensure you have a fun and seamless speed dating experience! This is the ultimate fun opportunity to meet multiple singles during face-to-face mini-dates!

CitySwoon also offers you optional ice-breaker questions to help your connections go even better! When you learn that the dating events you want are right in your neighborhood with CitySwoon, your evening is easily planned! Simply check out our site for the hours you are free and register in minutes by including simple details, to attend the perfect speed dating event adventure for you.

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Looking for dating advice? Check out our speed dating tips here and where to meet local singles here. For an adventurous evening on the town - enjoy adventure speed dating, where you have the fun of moving to several nearby clubs and bars to meet dates in multiple speed dating locations! Check in on your smartphone at CitySwoon. Please be sure to view and answer some optional ice-breaker questions for a more fun, connected experience when meeting and getting to know her or him.

Speed Dating Sydney | Ages 24-36 | Encounter Dating

With great bars that are natural meeting places for fun and adventure, you move from venue to venue and always enjoy meeting lots of single people in great environments, at our local speed dating events for real dating adventure. These nights often include prizes to add to the fun. Everyone joins in at the big final party-like, speed dating game venue! We have connected thousands of people on successful and meaningful matched dates and the results speak for themselves. How does CitySwoon know so much about successful dating?

Check out our Guinness World Record news for the Biggest Blind Date singles event that brought together lots of amazing people who share how exciting and high-quality the CitySwoon event was for them! Gather with interesting men and women and enjoy socializing in a speed dating open club atmosphere!

CitySwoon speed dating events are all about having fun and meeting face-to-face in a popular bar scene with other great singles.

Speed Dating Events in Sydney: Meet New People in a Dance Class

Connect at our next CitySwoon event and experience fantastic matched dating like nothing else in San Francisco! You're better in real life. Google Facebook Instagram Friend Other.

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Speed Dating Events info dateanddance. No more awkward dates Calling out all singles in Sydney. Meet lots of new people while you learn how to dance in a fun and relaxed environment.

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No more awkward dates. This could be your turn. About Us Speed dating reinvented.

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  5. We are all about creating a fun and relaxed environment for people to find love. When the class starts, our instructors will make you feel at ease straight away. It was love at first step! She stepped on my foot and that was it!