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  4. Reddit Users Are Sharing Their Weirdest Social Anxiety Moments and They’re Too Relatable for Words.

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Yeah, can't go asking to hangout with friends. They must be busy or will turn me down as they just don't like me. My grandma wanted to take us out to dinner tonight, and she was fine with it, until today and she acts like I am forcing her to go to dinner with my grandma. She constantly thinks that I don't truly want to be with her and I am only with her because I like to hang out with her Everything can be completely good, and then the next morning she is all unhappy again, and it gets frustrating. My buddy invited us to go to his lake house over spring break, and she essentially ruined it for me because she thought I was being flirty and wanted to bang everybody elses girlfriends, when I was just having a good time nobody else thought this.

She thinks everyone is judging her and she needs at least a days notice to basically do anything involving other people. Should I try to be more understanding of her social anxiety and not try to make her do anything involving my friends and family all the time? Or should I just find a girl without problems? That doesn't sound like social anxiety to me, it sounds like good ol' "Massive Dramatic Kunt Disorder". It sounds like you're in a difficult situation. Everyone has issues, that's life. I've yet to meet any singular person without issues. A lot of dating and relationships is really about whether our issues work with their issues.

15 Things Only People With Social Anxiety Will Understand

If you are hoping to change her, give up now. It's futile to try and change someone. However, they have to change for themselves. Changing for another person is basically impossible. If they take the initiative to change themselves then the only thing we can do as a partner is give support and positive feedback. We can't force people to change and we can't push people to change according to our timeline.

So you have to then ask yourself: If this person doesn't change, if this is how the relationship is going to be on into infinity; can I live with that?

Some people are okay being with others that have social anxiety, depression, are socially awkward, make strange demands, are insecure, jealous ect. Some people however cannot do it. So you have to know if you are equipped for this to go on through the duration of your relationship.

Why does it seem like everyone on Reddit thinks depression...

If you can't do it - that is okay, exit the relationship and go find someone you work better with. Then she asked if I wanted white rice or the other rice they had and I said 'yes! I forgot and had to think about it.

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  • College roommate' and then we both stood there in that amazing wtf feeling you get when you're just overloaded with wtf. Boyfriend - 'Jess, this is my mom' Mom - 'Hi Jess! We love that these Reddit users are getting personal in a positive way, proving that social anxiety isn't something to be ashamed of. Plus, it's always easier to deal with social blunders when you use a little humor.