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    Usually the participants have only a few minutes to make contact. A moderator directs the participants and signals that the time is up and that they should go to the next event participant. The fast-paced format makes an effective self-presentation necessary. The conversations are focused accordingly on specific questions and facts.

    When the business segments and other facts fit, there will be time after the actual network event to expand the business relationship. The structure of speed networking can be defined differently, both with regard to the format as well as with regard to the time slots of the meeting or the specific questions:. In addition to the use of speed networking at conferences, trade fairs, meet-ups or camps, there are also some providers that specialize in different formats of networking or offer it in the context of digital products.

    Business Speed Dating Wiki

    Social networks such as Xing, Facebook, and Google Plus are also organizing speed networking events. In particular, automatic generation of pairings is interesting. A preselection is used to bring together providers with stakeholders from a demand group. However, the short periods and the structure of the networking events should not hide the fact that long-term customer relationships represent the goal. A lot more effort is required for cooperation, business deals, and sustainable customer loyalty. High-quality customer contacts come after that and require more engagement.